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Iconic Furniture and Lighting Pieces To Covet

From swish lamps to striking armchairs, we have you covered for some of the must-have iconic designer products for your home.

Aug 22, 2023 | By Joe Lim

When it comes to owning design pieces for your home, opt for the prized icons. We have listed a handful of striking furniture and lighting pieces to amp up the style quotient of your interior spaces. These classic pieces not only help inform your space with their characterful aesthetics, they make for a tasteful addition to your living space and you will have plenty to talk about when guests pop by.


Cassina utrecht

The “Utrecht” armchair is one of Cassina’s most revered designer seats. Image: Cassina.

Dutch designer and architect Gerrit Rietveld created the famous Utrecht Armchair in 1935, and Cassina began manufacturing it in 1988. Rietveld is one of modernism’s most singular figures — a leading light of the De Stijl movement and designer of some of the modern age’s most famed pieces of furniture. The chair was named after the city of his birth. The chair is composed of a steel support structure that is padded with polyurethane foam and polyester. Stocked at W. Atelier, the chair’s legs also serve as the armrest which makes it both unconventional and rational. The Utrecht has off-white contrast blanket stitching and can be upholstered in leather or cloth. You can also opt for zigzag and black or coloured contrast stitching to create your masterpiece.

Louis Poulsen

Louis Poulsen

The PH 2/1 Pale Rose table lamp is a new hue to the brand’s storied portfolio. Image: Louis Poulsen.

This statement PH table lamp designed by Louis Poulsen just got a new lick of hue – pale rose. The PH series of table lamps — PH 2/1, PH 3/2 and PH 2/2 Question Mark — are now available in pale rose lampshades and brass base/stem. Distributed by Xtra, the three-shade lamp stands out with its smooth curves, distinctive form, pale rose hue, sharp edges, and white textile cable. When the light is off, the PH 2/1 Pale Rose Brass Table is just as alluring because the shiny surface of the exquisite, mouth-blown Italian glass reflects its surroundings. For another room-efficient option, try Floating Nightstands. They are the perfect piece of furniture when you want to make a stylish yet modern statement. Meble Furniture’s floating nightstands can be wall mounted with hidden brackets so that they appear to be “floating” on your wall.

Louis Poulsen

The PH 2/2 Question Mark Pale Rose table lamp. Image: Louis Poulsen.

Designed in 1930, the PH 2/1 comes in magnificent brushed brass with its recognisable go-through switch. Unless it is meticulously polished occasionally to preserve the original finish, the brass will patinate wonderfully with time and give the table lamp even more character. When the light is off, the PH 2/1 Pale Rose Brass Table is just as alluring because the shiny surface of the exquisite, mouth-blown Italian glass reflects its surroundings.

B&B Italia

B&B Italia Bambole

Stella McCartney’s fabric design adorns the Bambole armchair made by B&B Italia. Image: B&B Italia.

One of B&B Italia’s most iconic products is the Le Bambole designed by Mario Bellini in 1972. For its 50th anniversary, the voluptuous seating system is covered in Stella McCartney’s hand-drawn “fungi forest” print upholstery. Available at Space Furniture, this capsule collection is Stella McCartney’s latest venture into the world of interior design, the “Le Bambole” capsule collection in collaboration with B&B Italia. Each piece exudes McCartney’s signature blend of elegance and eco-consciousness, offering a harmonious balance of form and function. The collection’s plush sofas and chairs, adorned with vibrant, nature-inspired patterns, invite you to lounge in sustainable luxury. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these furnishings not only enhance your living space but also echo McCartney’s commitment to ethical living. Elevate your decor with a touch of McCartney’s timeless aesthetic and Italian craftsmanship, making your home a canvas of refined style.

Ligne Roset

Ligne Roset Pumpkin

The “Pumpkin” sofa was designed by Pierre Paulin for Ligne Roset. Image: Ligne Roset.

As suggested by its name, soft, organic, round shapes and firm seating comfort all characterise the “Pumpkin” seating collection designed by Pierre Paulin for Ligne Roset. It is available as an armchair with or without a headrest, loveseat or sofa. An ottoman completes the collection. The seating system was designed in 1971 for the private apartments of Claude & Georges Pompidou at the Elysée Palace and is being put into large-scale production. Stocked at Grafunkt, the Pumpkin is characteristic of Paulin’s revolutionary style, as initiated at the end of the 1950s, and as its name suggests is evocative of a giant pumpkin, welcoming the user with its protectively voluptuous shell and form.

Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau Archibald

The “Archibald” armchair is one of Poltrona Frau’s best-selling armchairs. Image: Poltrona Frau.

Designed in 2009 by Jean-Marie Massaud, the “Archibald” armchair is a timeless and iconic design for Poltrona Frau. When it was launched, the chair immediately won the hearts of design enthusiasts becoming a best-seller in the furniture sector. Available at Proof Living, the chair promises comfort all around thanks to the brand’s expertise in Pelle Frau leather. The voluptuous seat’s aesthetic contrasts beautifully with the thin but rigorous feet. The Archibald offers pleasant wave-like designs as seen in a series of vertical folds on the backrest and along the edges of the armchair. There’s also an “Archibald King” where a large headrest is integrated into the elegant folds of the backrest.


Oluce Atollo

Vico Magistretti’s “Atollo” table lamps in nickel finish for 2023. Image: Oluce.

Designed in 1977 by Vico Magistretti for Oluce, the “Atollo” lamp is regarded by the design world as a contemporary “icon”. The lamp’s design is simply based on pure shapes such as semi-circle, triangles and rectangles. The Atollo was awarded the Compasso d’Oro in 1979 and became, since then, part of the permanent collections of the world’s foremost museum of design. It has also become one of the many must-have furniture and lighting pieces coveted by design aficionados everywhere. For 2023, a new finish called “Atollo Nickel” now features a satin black nickel finish. Distributed by Made&Make, it still retains its strong character and rigorous aesthetic through its composition of striking geometrical shapes. Among designer lamps, it is a must-have to own.

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