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Unwind, unplug, and relax: Hotel Les Roches Rouges

From the outside the Les Roches Rouges looks more grocer than exotic Mediterranean hotel; but, cross the threshold of the lobby and the view of the Mediterranean is sublime.

Dec 19, 2017 | By Jonathan Ho

Just an amazing drive down the Cote de Azure, one arrives at Hotel Les Roches Rouges. But don’t let the street-side exterior fool you, from the outside the Les Roches Rouges looks more grocer than exotic Mediterranean hotel; but, cross the threshold of the lobby and the view from beyond the rear of Hotel Les Roches Rouges is a sight to behold.

On a Mediterranean beach, in a preserved natural environment opposite the Ile d’Or, between the pine and tamarisk trees, Les Roches Rouges nestled in the foothills, is calm, peaceful and idyllic.  It is a tone which sets you right in the mood for relaxation right from the check-in process conducted on lounge chairs in the lobby.

Unwind, unplug, and relax: Hotel Les Roches Rouges

Bearing Fifties Modernist design, Hotel Les Roches Rouges, the azure, white and ochre palette serves to enhance all Provence has to offer, particularly its flavours and fragrances. Perched on the waters of the Mediterranean, close to the Esterel, where holidays are experienced to the rhythm of the sea and the sunlight, Hotel Les Roches Rouges is the essence of understated luxury, simplicity and conviviality.

Life at the Les Roches Rouges

Architecture of Les Roches Rouges plays up the Mediterranean elements of the hotel’s surrounds. Guests can enjoy this spectacle that is the immensity of the sea, mild climate and an exquisite natural environment  at any hour of the day within the hotel’s light-filled, streamlined rooms whose colours are inspired by the blue of the sea and the red rocks of the Esterel, with touches of orange, ochre, lemon yellow and deep blue.

It is truly a place to unwind, unplug and relax. With their modern aesthetic, understated luxury and plain furniture, each room reflects the Riviera way of life, including baths, beds, desks and a balcony from which guests can admire the sea. Everything at Les Roches Rouges heightens this intimacy with the elements, fully satisfying your desire for rest, freedom and simplicity.

The 50 rooms and suites are adorned in retro and custom-made pieces crafted by local artisans. The pools are as unique as the property with one nearly in the ocean and the other cut into the coastal rock, a large 30 metre natural seawater pool. Those who prefer close communion with the ocean, a pontoon provides easy access to the sea for keen swimmers. Perfect for long afternoons gazing at the deep blue sky and the Ile d’Or, or listening to the wind and waves, the sound of which guides guests to a pebble beach at the foot of the hotel.

Other unique amenities include a Mediterranean garden, three bars, two restaurants and an array of activities, both in and around the hotel, from an open-air cinema to ping pong, diving, petanque, yoga, hiking, cookery courses, sailing and fishing.

Prices for Classic Sea View Room at Hotel Les Roches Rouges start from US$280++ per night


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