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This Scottish Airbnb Is An AirShip Parked Away In Seclusion

The AirShip 002 is an aluminium living pod tucked away at a secluded location with panoramic views across the Sound of Mull.

Feb 14, 2023 | By Joseph Low


The AirShip 002 by Roderick James Architects is the second Airship to be built on the West coast of Scotland. From the outside, the little home looks like a futuristic aircraft, tucked away in Drimnin, within the Scottish Highlands. Situated at a secluded location with panoramic views across the Sound of Mull, the four acre site offers a lush landscape for travellers to wander freely undisturbed, as offered by the hidden grounds away from the city. The breathtaking views stretch out towards Tobermory on the Isle of Mull, and over the ocean, towards Ardnamurchan Point. This is one example of how prime real estate and a dynamic property is utilised to create a profitable rental space. Airbnb property analysis gives an insight into understanding how to create a profitable short-term and long-term rental.

Sail away to paradise aboard the Airship 002

The property is an insulated aluminium pod, designed to resemble a spaceship that transports guests to another world. Inside, a queen-sized bed, fireplace, shower, and a we ll-equipped kitchen provides guests with all they need to unwind before stunning views of the Sound of Mull through the glass-panelled east wing.


A writing desk sits right in front of the view, where guests may write or simply ponder against the far-reaching horizon.


Adjacent to the living pod, a balcony with sitting area is the perfect spot to sip wine and lounge before the sound.

Lochaline, Scotland / Dave Parry

For those who still fancy a breath of civilisation, groceries to whip up a storm, or just a short break from isolation, the village of Lochaline is an 8-mile drive away. The small village is popular with divers due to its close proximity to the wrecks of the sound and abundant marine life, with charter boats available for those looking to venture out to the waters. Visitors may also find a snack bar adjacent to the docks, a local store, post office, restaurant, social club, and marina within the area.


The AirShip 002 is truly the space for an otherworldly experience amidst the tranquility of the Scottish Highlands, available from US$200 per night, via Airbnb.

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