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Ritz-Carlton Expands Electric Car Charging Stations

Hotel chain Ritz-Carlton joins Hilton and Marriott in the eco-friendly initiative.

Aug 12, 2016 | By Shatricia Nair

We can almost hear electric car owners rejoicing – Ritz-Carlton has joined hotel brands the likes of Hilton and Marriott in expanding the number of charging stations for guests. Well, for now this rejoicing is (mostly) confined to North America but this initiative is rolling out in major metropolises around the world.

Hotel guests across North America and select Ritz-Carlton properties worldwide will have access to stations that will power up their cars for the next 150 miles (we assume the metric system will be used outside the US), or two-and-a-half hours of driving. With the advancement of technology and an improvement in overall battery life, the popularity of electric cars have increased exponentially.

All this is good news for the ecosystem, even accounting for the damage that battery factories inflict. Following a battery upgrade, BMW has seen sales of its i3 soar three times than when its first-generation was launched. Last year, Hilton announced plans to expand their electric vehicle-charging program to 100 properties across the US by the end of 2016 – a decision based on InsideEV’s Monthly Scorecard, which indicated sales of electric vehicles at 350,000 since 2010. Marriott also provides more than 250 charging stations throughout their properties internationally.

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