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Hotel de Russie in Rome Unveils New Presidential Suite: The Nijinsky Suite

The hotel’s largest suite, the Nijinsky is designed to offer comfort in style, a blend of contemporary and classic.

Jul 05, 2023 | By Max Sin
Living room of the Nijinsky suite, hotel de Russie
Photo: Hotel de Russie

31 May 2023: Rome’s Hotel de Russie opens bookings for its newly renovated presidential suite – the Nijinsky Suite. Set on the sixth and final floor, the suite is designed as a private rooftop enclave, opening up into an open-air terrace spanning 240m² with a 172m² interior (excluding the optional connection to the second deluxe room), making it the hotel’s largest suite.

Nijinsky Suite, layout plan, Hotel de Russie
Photo: Hotel de Russie

At a glance, the suite blends an eclectic mix of vintage Italian pieces with contemporary furnishings, exuding a clean yet luxurious look. Director of Design, Olga Polizzi, reveals that the refresh was intended to establish a “tangible link between the suite, the building and the city of Rome”, the culmination of a three-year renovation project including the restoration of the hotel’s famous (and not so secret) Secret Garden, originally designed in concert with the hotel by Giuseppe Valadier in the 19th century.

living room, Hotel de Russie
Photo: Hotel de Russie

The suite pays tribute to Vaslav Nijinsky, esteemed ballet dancer and choreographer as well as beloved guest of the hotel. He is part of an illustrious list of historical luminaries who have been drawn to the hotel since its opening in 1814, most famously Pablo Picasso and Jean Cocteau who dubbed the hotel as “paradise on earth”. Hotel de Russie sits right in the heart of Rome between Piazza del Popolo and the Spanish Steps, on the precipice between old and new. With everything great about the eternal city within convenient reach, the Nijinsky suite presents a unique opportunity for digital nomads and holidayers alike to enjoy luxury privacy while keeping in rhythm with the pulse of a busy city. 

courtyard of hotel de russie
Photo: Hotel de Russie

The Fading Allure of Luxury Hotels

Yet, there remains something to be said about the disruptions in the hospitality industry over the past decade. Namely, the meteoric rise of multi-billion dollar short-term rental platform Airbnb. The company’s stunning IPO debut at 144.71USD in 2020 said enough of the rising consumer trend of staying in “homes” as opposed to hotels. Perhaps it is the ever-rising costs of home ownership or the advent of quiet luxury, but increasingly more travellers are opting for the authenticity of “lived-in” accommodations over the overt luxury of fancy hotels. 

front door of hotel de russie
Photo: Hotel de Russie

There is indeed a certain sense of comfort in arriving in a foreign land all by yourself, quietly making your own way down to a private apartment in an unassuming street, unlocking the front door with a passcode only known to you — it is the feeling of living like a local. Therein lies a core pitfall in the hotel industry. Staying in hotels can highlight the fact that one is merely a visitor, a passer-by. After all, it is often the foreign guest for whom overt hospitality is reserved for. These feelings of alienation push travellers away from hotels of which one too many miss the mark in quelling what seems to be an emergent desire for homeliness. 

Inside The Nijinsky

It is perhaps this desire for belonging that the Nijinsky suite was designed to be the answer to. A kind of exclusive hospitality that removes itself from your attention, such that you feel like you are in your home (except, in none other than the beautiful city of Rome). 

main corridor of nijinsky suite, hotel de russie, rome
Photo: Hotel de Russie

The suite is built like an apartment with each room connected to the next. The entrance atrium leads directly into the open study and the main corridor, acting as the spine of the suite. The main corridor enjoys plentiful sunlight from the outdoor terrace on its right while the master bedroom and living room enjoy some privacy on the left, segregated by a tangent corridor. 

master bed room, nijinsky suite, hotel de russie
Photo: Hotel de Russie

Inside, the decor is painted in vibrant hues of green, yellow and brown to match the panoramic view of the neighbouring Villa Borghese from the terrace. The kitchen boasts a sophisticated corner bar and connects to an open dining area able to accommodate a decent sized party of around 10 people, making the suite perfect for hosting small gatherings or private work events. The cosy master bedroom comes with a luxurious walk-in closet and its own ensuite bathroom dressed in marble and fitted with a Turkish bath — a polished ode to the Roman bathhouse. 

bathroom of nijinsky suite, hotel de russie, rome
Photo: Hotel de Russie

Outside, the terrace is furnished with wooden chaise lounges and plush sofas around long teak teak tables, allotting both ample cosy corners for guests to enjoy the Roman sunset in silence, and gathering spaces to come together for an alfresco meal. The family of regional plants adorning the outdoor space act like an extension of the Secret Garden below, with the gentle sounds of the waterfall flowing between the garden’s three nymphaea floating up to the suite like music to one’s ears. Make a quick visit to the garden and enjoy a drink at the connected Stravinskij Bar, a popular central hangout spot for people in the city. Guests will have the luxury of truly doing as the Romans do, or people watching in solitude from the comfort of the suite above.

outdoor terrace, nijinsky suite, hotel de russie, rome
Photo: Hotel de Russie

Visit Rome in Comfort and Style

Rome may be known as a lively, sometimes frantic place, but the Nijinsky suite provides reprieve in both comfort and style. Guests can stay close to the centre of the city and still enjoy a quick getaway route back to their room, enjoying luxury with convenience.

secret garde, hotel de russie, rome
Photo: Hotel de Russie

A stay at the Nijinsky Suite includes transport both to and from the airport or train station, as well as personalised concierge services to help you navigate the busy streets of Rome. Opt for the complementary professional guide (up to four hours for a tour of the city) or go about your trip free and easy. Babysitting services up to three hours are also available. The Nijinsky Suite starts at  €15,400 per night, inclusive of VAT and breakfast. For more details on the suite, click here.

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