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A 350-Foot Waterfall Cascade Down A New Skyscraper in Guiyang, China

The Liebian building in Guiyang, China has brought nature’s wonder into the city with a man-made waterfall cascading down its facade.

Jul 29, 2018 | By Lynette Kee

Liebian Building, the latest addition to the skyline of Guiyang, China is one that features a 350 feet high, man-made waterfall in the middle of a buzzing city. The massive waterfall appears to pour out of the window and streams down the glazed facade into a pool at the foot of the building.

City of Guiyang Boast a Spectacular Waterfall Streaming Down a Skyscraper

According to The Times, people in the southwestern city of Guiyang thought of it as a pipe burst before realising that it was a 120-metre tall water installation. The waterfall collects recycled rain and tap water in a large tank from the ground floor and is syphoned up into the air to spill from the side of the building again. Despite that the water is primarily recycled, questions are still raised in regards to the electricity cost of running the waterfall – which sums up to an estimated amount of US$116 per hour.

The building owners have since then surfaced to clarify that the waterfall will only be turned on periodically on special occasions. The scale of this project has developed yet another tourist spot in the region. In a world where attention-grabbing, instagrammable architecture is preceding and celebrated, the cost of running the waterfall suddenly seems like a small price to pay in comparison to the visual treat that it serves us, no?

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