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Furniture Experts In Their Craft and Materiality

Discover the amazing luxury furniture brands touted for their materiality excellence and those who have centuries-old techniques in their craftsmanship.

Oct 31, 2023 | By Joe Lim

Here are your must-know, go-to brands for materiality in luxury furniture. From supple, sexy leather found on seating systems to painstaking woodworking creations, you are assured of artisanal quality with these revered furniture brands. They are indeed leaders in their fields of expertise, so quality is never compromised!

Ceccotti — Woodworking Masters


“Neverfull” mid cabinet designed by Roberto Lazzeroni. Image: Ceccotti.

Established in 1956, Cecotti boasts 60 years of expertise in the woodworking industry, transforming furniture components into superior goods. Their studies on wood processing and handcrafted wood furniture have allowed them to work with several leading designers. Their international growth has been nothing short of amazing. Even now, Ceccotti Collezioni remains one of the pioneers in furniture processing wood. However, with the assistance of well-known Italian architect Paolo Portoghesi, who helped design some of the most recognisable items made by Ceccotti Collezioni, the firm leapfrogged ahead in 1986.


“Arbol” side table designed by Jamie Hayon. Image: Ceccotti.

The firm produced unique designs with constructive complexity thanks to its craftspeople. Discover some of Ceccotti’s creations at Proof Living, and you’ll agree their designs are practical rather than flashy. Their exquisite works, which they create using a variety of wood species, would not be possible without superb craftsmanship. If you’re in the mood for some Italian wooden furniture, Cecotti Collezioni is the place to go.

Baxter — Leather Artisans


Baxter Chester Moon designed by Paola Navone. Image: Baxter.

Baxter furniture products are well-known for their subtle elegance, having been in the leather industry for over thirty years. They have developed the ideal mixture to tan, cure, and colour these magnificent skins thanks to their in-depth knowledge. Established in the 1990s, this 100 percent Italian company has grown into a worldwide brand, with design enthusiasts worldwide adoring its leather couches and armchairs. The “Tactile” sofa by Vincenzo De Cotiis and the “Chester Moon” sofa by Paola Navone are two of their best-selling items at Space Furniture. When choosing a leather sofa, Baxter knows every facet and detail of using leather to create their iconic products.

Glas Italia — Glass Perfectionists

Glas Italia

“Liquefy” side tables designed by Patricia Urquiola. Image: Glas Italia.

Glas Italia, founded in Brianza, Italy, in 1972, is well-known for producing glass furniture. They have made some of the most exquisite glass furniture in the world thanks to their love of glass and their studies into its strength, translucency, and colour. Working with well-known designers like Patricia Urquiola and Piero Lissoni, the inventiveness of penmanship has resulted in authentic, valuable items that exude finesse and originality. Stocked at Space Furniture, you can find some of the most famous designs, such as “Wireframe” coffee tables, which combine extra-light glass slabs with an uneven, parallel piped shape to create a coffee table.

Glas Italia

“Shimmer” side tables designed by Patricia Urquiola. Image: Glas Italia.

In contrast, Patricia Urquiola’s “Liquefy” focuses on giving glass veining and swirls that resemble marble. These modest tables have an air of mystery about them because of the organic ornamentation on coloured glass. The “Shimmer” side tables by Urquiola are also very charming. Each piece can have a distinct, ethereal appearance due to the iridescent multichromatic finish, which changes colours depending on the angle of the light source.

Arflex – God of Upholstery Work


“Marenco” sofa designed by Mario Marenco. Image: Arflex.

Arflex has the most upholstery knowledge of any furniture brand. The company was established in 1947 and has since received much recognition for experimenting with novel materials and technologies for seating solutions. Arflex is well known for its handmade approach to producing modern, classic furniture pieces, such as upholstered couches and armchairs. Distributed by Space Furniture, the “Marenco” sofa, created by Mario Marenco in 1970, is the company’s most famous item. It won the 2007 Wallpaper Design Award for best reissues in sofa design. Furthermore, Tito Agnoli’s “9000” couch system won the 1986 Compasso d’Oro, or Golden Compass, Award. Regarding upholstery excellence, look no further than these masters and artisans at Arflex.

Zanat – Woodcarving Masters

The story of Zanat goes back to Konjic located in Bosnia. Its founder Gano Nikšić, stumbled upon what once was a primitive wood-carving technique that originated from a small village in Konjic. Gano took it upon himself to learn the techniques from the woodcarvers. It didn’t take long for the woodcarvers to display their works in Budapest in 1896, followed by more exhibitions in Vienna in 1898, and finally, the Exposition Universelle in Paris in 1900. Gano passed his skills to his four sons and registered the first woodcarving workshop in the Nikšić family in 1919. Since then, and after two World Wars, there have been 36 furniture workshops in Konjic producing hand-carved objects for more than four generations. On December 6, 2017, the Konjic woodcarving technique, perfected and preserved to a large extent by our family, was officially inscribed onto the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. Stocked at Xtra, today Zanat works with many designers such as Monica Förster, Harri Koskinen, and renowned Swedish architect Gert Wingårdh to create striking furniture pieces. This is the only UNESCO-listed hand-carving technique furniture brand bent on preserving and promoting the craft. If you desire a beautiful hand-carved wooden furniture piece, then Zanat is your most obvious choice. You’ll attest to the painstaking effort in churning out the details and appreciate the craftsmanship that goes back to techniques used 150 years ago!

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