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Furniture and Lighting Pieces For Your Wanderlust Moments

Take a portable lamp, unfurl a foldable chair and table… these are the purposeful, stylish furniture and lighting pieces for your wanderlust journeys or outdoorsy moments!

Sep 26, 2023 | By Joe Lim

Who says furniture can’t travel with you? Whether you yearn for a spot on a beach with your loved ones, there are portable or mobile pieces of furniture and lighting to make your travelling light. If you fancy a hike up the hill or mountains, or yearn for an outdoor trip to the forest of your next camping adventure, these delightfully purposeful and good-looking products will make you a good and knowledgeable host. However, if you are looking for a wide selection of furniture ranging from TV consoles to bed frames, dining tables to study tables, furniture Singapore will suit your interior requirements.

Dedon Seax chair

Dedon “Seax” foldable chair. Image: Dedon.

Foldable Chair

Dedon "Seax" foldable chair is resistant to the elements. Image: Dedon.
Made from water-resistant yachting textile and armrests finished with steam-bent plywood, the “Seax” foldable chair designed by award-winning French designer Jean-Marie Massaud for Dedon is undeniably a stylish item for your travelling needs. Whether it’s for a camping trip, a hike or a picnic with the family, the elegant chair with its modern aesthetics will be a sight to behold. At just 7kg, it’s lightweight to take it to the beach and when your outing is done, just pop it into the boot of your car without breaking a sweat. Stocked at Xtra, cleaning is also a hoot as all you need is a damp cloth to wipe away the grime, salt or dirt.
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Sleek Portable Lamp

Fancying a night out with your better half for a view of the sundown at the beach as you tuck into some wine and nibbles? Let the Marset “Sips” portable lamp be your perfect companion to add some mood and lighting. Designed by Christophe Mathieu for Spanish lighting brand Marset, which is stocked at Million Lighting, the lamp’s small opaque shade illuminates the surface directly but without dazzling the eye or overpowering any space. Its wide base holds the battery and provides stability. The touch switch provides three lighting intensities. Free of cables, this portable light is powered by a 2.2 watt LED light source and stands 31cm tall.
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No Chair? No Sweat!

Vitra Chairless

The “Chairless” strap works at the beach when you have no chair! Image: Vitra.

Designed in 2010 by Chilean designer Alejandro Aravena for Vitra, the “Chairless” product is actually a strap to be wrapped around the body and used instead of a chair. The product wraps around the user’s back and knees to relive tension while sitting on any surface. Measuring 85cm in length and 5cm in width, the 85-gram strap can be folded into a compact size allowing it to fit into any pocket.

Vitra Chairless

At 85 grams, the Chairless is lightweight to carry around. Image: Vitra.

Sold at W. Atelier, you can take it to the park, beach or any overseas trip and use it when a chair is not available. Inspired by sitting straps commonly used by the Ayoreo Indians — a nomadic tribe living in the Gran Chaco region between Paraguay and Bolivia — the Chairless strap with its decorative stripes in fuchsia or dark lime is an innovative item for the wanderlust individual.
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Chic Side Table

Zanotta Cumano

Zanotta “Cumano” foldable side table. Image: Zanotta.

The “Cumano” foldable side table designed by one of Italy’s greatest designers Achille Castiglioni for Zanotta, is unique proposition when you desire a foldable table to take it with you on your camping or hiking trips. Stocked at Royal Interiors, the stylish three-legged table with a round top was designed in 1979 and selected for the Compasso d’oro awards in 1981.
The table can be hung up via a hole in its top.

The sturdy 14mm steel rod legs are perfect in design such that the 55-cm table top and leg latch into place with the same stratagem: a small indentation at the end of the rod. The lightweight chair was Zanotta’s best-seller from 1980 onwards. It is now regarded as one of the iconic works of Castiglioni and can be found in many design museums such as Design Museum Milano, Museum Saloniki, Indianapolis Museum of Art, to name a few.
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Portable Orb Light

Menu Carrie lamp

Take the Carrie orb lamp out to the beach. Image: Menu.

The “Carrie” LED lamp designed by Norm Architects for Copenhagen furniture brand Menu, is decidedly an innovating portable lamp. The minimalist design offers a sleek handle and you can take it with you anywhere.

Menu Carrie portable lamp

The sleek handle ensures you carry the Carrie portable lamp safely. Image: Menu.

Distributed by Made&Make and perfect should you desire a cosy light when you’re having an evening picnic in the park, or a tête-à-tête at the beach, the warm orb of light nestled gently in a basket-like base will be your perfect lighting companion to set the mood and lift the spirits.

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