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Fuchun Boat Rooms

Inspired by the water tribes of the Ming dynasty, the Fuchun Boat Rooms float above a tranquil lakeside in rural China for an elegant, cultural experience.

Jun 08, 2018 | By Shirley Wang


Inspired by the water tribes of the Ming dynasty, the Fuchun Boat Rooms provide a tranquil lakeside stay in rural China. The hut-like rooms are situated on the shoreline, appearing to float over the water like a boat.

Each Fuchun Boat Room cabin is a poetic dwelling designed to evoke the ancient culture of boat-living life in an arched timber form.

The southern region of Changjiang is said to have the most beautiful scenery in China. The spring from the Wulong Mountain converges to create the Yanzhu Lake. The glistening  surface of the river, like a mirror, reflects the arches of the boat room and for a most tranquil experience surrounded by lush nature.

Interiors are completely lined with warm wood planks, aside from a massive skylight above the bed and an end glazed wall. The glass facade leads out to a terrace overlooking the aquatic landscape and giving guests the feeling of drifting down the river.


According to the architects: “For several hundred years between the earlier Ming dynasty and the middle Qing, a water tribe, namely ‘nine fishing families,’ had resided at the riverside and created a unique culture of boat-living life.”

The modern rooms also follows the area’s tradition with wooden cabins that jut out and hover over the lake’s shore, staying connected to land via steel piles. Made of prefabricated elements assembled on site, the construction site is free from the wet work and does not produce dusts. In fact, the entire construction method is clean, simple and efficient, aimed to protect the ecological environment.

The 540-square-foot rooms comprise of mainly wood, with an arched facade that’s reminiscent of a boat’s bow. In the middle of the room, a skylight is installed on the roof. It may be taken by guests inside the room as a window to enjoy the sky, sunlight, shadow of the trees. French styled doors open onto a large deck that overlooks the water, offering a a wide expanse of mist waters for the guests.

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