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Sleek Furniture Designs to Dazzle Your Space In 2024

From modular sofas to nature-inspired lighting pieces, here are some of the most stylish furniture pieces that scooped up Archiproducts Design Awards 2023.

Dec 05, 2023 | By Joe Lim

As the new year approaches, it’s time to redo the look of your interior. Here is LUXUO’s line-up of some of the most stylish furniture designs that snagged the recent Archiproducts 2023 Design Awards. Read up and see how they can gussy up your beloved space!

Miniforms – Superpop Side Tables

The “Superpop” collection of side tables designed by Paolo Cappello for Miniforms snagged two prestigious awards — one for Archiproducts Design Awards and another for 2023 Sustainability Award. The annual design awards organised by Archiproducts sum up some of the best designs in the furniture industry. Stocked at Xtra, the Superpop table collection is made from polyethene waste material and transformed into an incredibly versatile, lightweight, and sustainable product. The product can be used as a stool, bedside table or coffee table. The collection is offered in four hues, making it fun to style, and you can even get your kids to rejig your space as the edges are rounded – perfectly safe!

Minotti – Dylan Sofa

Minotti Dylan
The “Dylan” sofa system is designed by the late Rodolfo Dordoni. Image: Minotti.

The late Rodolfo Dordoni’s “Dylan” sofa designed for Minotti is consistent with the language and style of Minotti’s modus operandi. The refined lines articulated through generous volumes allow the plush upholstery to sit above a suspended base raised 13.5 cm from the ground by thin extruded aluminium blades in bronze or pewter finish.

Minotti Dylan
The Dylan sofa is offered in a few sizes to meet different interior spaces. Image: Minotti.

The Dylan family is offered in a low version, sitting 7.5cm off the ground, while the Dylan Small is provided in a small, compact aesthetic without compromising on details. Stocked at Marquis Singapore, Dylan won the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023 under “Furniture”. Its complex and sophisticated manufacturing construction combined with artisanal tailoring techniques promises a comfortable experience whether you sit, loll, lounge or sleep on it.

Bomma – Ama Pendant Lights

Designer Václav Mlynář’ “Ama” crystal LED pendant lamps designed for Bomma speak of a journey of inspiration where he noticed the Japanese female pearl divers called “Ama” during his travel experience. Inspired by the delicate shells of mussels, the pendant lamp is made from meticulously cut glass of substantial size, where the LED bulb is the pearl providing the light source. Stocked at Made&Make, the Ama pendant lamps are beautifully made using Bomma’s in-house glassmaking techniques. The glass is heated and gradually melts into its own weight via a prepared conical mould. This beautiful luminaire scooped up the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023 under “Lighting”.

District Eight – Knot

District Eight
The “Knot” table design made by District Eight. Image: District Eight.

Designer D8 Studio’s “Knot” dining table designed for District Eight is a masterful expression of solid wood. But the devil is in the details — the delicate wooden knots give the Knot table its name. The Knot table is offered in beige or ebonised oak and comes in rectangle or round shapes. The rectangle table is provided in large, medium, small and extra-large sizes.

District Eight
Knots of wood detailing, hence the “Knot” name given to this table. Image: District Eight.

Stocked at Journey East, Knot’s unique design is crafted by the attentive artisans at District Eight, where the aesthetic takes a nod to the intricate Asian weave patterns. This alluring table snagged the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023 under “Furniture”.

Many luxury restaurant owners have chosen Knot as their centerpiece, not only for its beautiful design but also for its durability and functionality. Interested in matching dining chairs? Shop for restaurant chairs at

Saba Italia – Mètis

Saba Italia Metis
The “Mètis” modular sofa system designed by Nicola Pavan for Saba Italia. Image: Saba Italia.

The “Mètis” modular sofa system designed by Nicola Pavan for Saba Italia promises a comfortable experience through organic lines and soft upholstery. The sofa won the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023 under “Furniture”.

Saba Italia
The “Mètis” modular sofa system features unique quilt patterns. Image: Saba Italia.

The name “Mètis” is derived from Greece, meaning practical intelligence — one that allows everyday problems to be solved skillfully and in unconventional ways. The unique quilting on the upholstery sculpts the volumes of the backrests, seats and armrests. There are also visible metal hinges that connect the various elements. With removable covers, this pleasurable sofa can be experienced at P5 Studio.

Gallotti&Radice – Selce

Galotti&Radice Selce
Studiopepe designed the “Selce” collection of coffee tables for Galotti&Radice. Image: Galotti&Radice.

The unstoppable creative force that designer Studiopepe can be witnessed with the “Selce” collection of coffee tables designed for Galotti&Radice. The product won the Archiproducts Design Awards 2023 under “Furniture”. Genuinely made of 100% stone, these table tops come in circle and rounded trapezium shapes.

However, they are offered in “Ceppo dei Volpi” or “Ceppo Antico” on special request.‎ Stocked at Marquis Singapore, the Selce series of tables feature unusual geometries where the sculptural legs overlap to create intriguing architectural shapes.

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