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Celebrity Homes On Sale: Johnny Depp and Frank Sinatra

How two celebrity homes – of Johnny Depp and Frank Sinatra – disparate in their themes and design are listed on the market to woo buyers.

Jul 12, 2021 | By Joe Lim

One not to shy away from publicity is Johnny Depp. His third time’s a charm to sell this French Village at USD$55.5 million (from USD$63 million in 2016), means it has been re-listed in the market.

Johnny Depp Home

Johnny Depp’s rustic home that’s 17 miles away from Saint-Tropez. Photo credit: Gibson Sotheby’s

This abandoned Provencal village located 17 miles from the hustle and bustle of Saint-Tropez, was the home where Depp stayed during his 14-year marriage with French actress and singer Vanessa Paradis.

Johnny Depp French Village

One of the two swimming pools in this sprawling home.

Bought in 2001 at the zenith of his Pirates of the Caribbean film franchise, this sprawling village offers 12,900 square feet of space, 15 bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, wine cave, full gym, outdoor dining, two swimming pools, town square, art studio, to name a few.

Johnny Depp French Village Overview

The house sits on verdant rolling hills. Photo credit: Gibson Sotheby’s

The beautiful village is dotted with 300-year-old oak and olive trees, not forgetting, undulating vineyards. Saint-Tropez was popular with other actresses in the 1950s such as Bridgette Bardot. Many other celebrities also followed suit to purchase homes there such as Kate Moss, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Elton John, and even Leonardo DiCaprio.

Frank Sinatra vacation home

Frank Sinatra’s vacation home sits on 5 acres of land. Photo credit: Wright Bros.

Frank Sinatra’s Rat Pack vacation home is up for sale. Sinatra was part of the “Rat Pack” – Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Sammy Davis, Jr., Peter Lawford, and Joey Bishop. They always played to sell-out events at their Las Vegas gigs during the 1960s. During his 20 years of performance in the casino state, Sinatra always wanted an idyllic place to call home so he and his gang could hang out in a private location.

Frank Sinatra home

A man cave created for Sinatra’s Rat Pack to relax and enjoy life. Photo credit: Wright Bros.

This home was built in 1967 on five acres of land and some 4,300 feet above Palm Springs and the Coachella Valley. He aptly named it “Villa Maggio” after his character in the film, aka Private Angelo Maggio of From Here to Eternity filmed in 1953. The scenic villa is now up for sale and its rustic grounds offer a 10-acre compound of three buildings perched on a hilltop where boulders and enviable views make it a joy to stay at home.

Much of the home is built with a warm wood theme where the local stone was sourced to form the seven stone fireplaces in the main house. The property also boasts two kitchens, dining and living rooms, a den, five bedrooms, and six bathrooms. The guest quarters are even fully equipped with a full kitchen, living room, bath, two bedrooms, and a cosy fireplace. There’s also a deck overlooking the gorgeous views, too. Did we also tell you that it has its own water tower, generator and well?

Frank Sinatra vacation home swimming pool

This scenic villa offers a swimming pool. Photo credit: Wright Bros.

The pool house has a great room with a stone fireplace, two bathrooms, two saunas, and a mini kitchen with views over the pool and tennis court. A private helipad is also afforded to allow guests to fly in and out, and with space for 25 cars, inviting your pals to drive here can also be possible. This is a home built on Sinatra’s personalisation and inner needs.

New owners will appreciate his personal touches such as a secret doorway, bathroom wallpaper, and a Ronson foodmatic. But the true beauty of the home is that it actually sits on a granite mountain plateau overlooking Palm Springs. The current owner’s family were Sinatra friends and are the only occupants since he lived in the home. Set to the tune of USD$3.9 million, it’s a great way to indulge and experience how Sinatra lived then.

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