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Beyonce and Jay-Z: Highest Earning Couple 2016

Bow down, for the Queen is conquering the world with her King. They are the highest paid celebrity couple this year, according to Forbes.

Jul 15, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Who run the world? No really, we are trying to figure that out. On one end, we have T-Swift (that’s Taylor Swift for those who don’t speak Millennial), clinching the top spot as world’s highest paid celebrity in 2016. On the other, we have Queen Bey and her bae Jay, who rule supreme as the highest earning couple in 2016.

Forget Becky with the good hair, Jay-Z should just stick with the vocal powerhouse that is Beyonce. On her own (we were tempted to throw in a “Me, Myself & I” reference here but exercised restraint), the grammy-award winning beauty is 34th on the Forbes list of highest earning celebrities with her $54 million. Jay-Z followed close behind at Number 36 with $53.5 million.

With her significant other, the influential couple raked in a whopping $107.5 million. Their “Formation” puts them ahead of Swift, but shows that “1+1” is certainly better than having any “Bad Blood” over those scandalous rumours.

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