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Kate Moss Launches Own Talent Agency

The world’s 12th best paid model isn’t looking for pretty faces though; the Kate Moss Agency wants to develop talent and create stars.

Sep 21, 2016 | By AFPRelaxnews

Kate Moss is launching her own talent agency after leaving the one that recruited her aged 14 earlier this year, the Business of Fashion website reported as London Fashion Week draws to a close on Tuesday.

“I don’t really want pretty people, I want people that want to sing and dance and act. I want to create stars,” the 42-year-old was quoted as saying in a rare interview after her departure from Storm Models.

“I want to focus more on managing people’s careers than just a modeling agency,” said Moss, whose agency has a website, Twitter and Instagram presence despite her own well-known avoidance of social media.

London-born Moss, the daughter of a barmaid and a travel agent, was recruited in a chance encounter at New York airport and is one of the few supermodels from the 1990s who still has a lucrative career.


In the interview published on Monday, Business of Fashion said the model’s eponymously named Kate Moss Agency “could transform her from supermodel to budding businesswoman”.

Moss is the 12th highest-paid model globally, earning $4.5 million (four million euros) in the year to June 2015, according to US magazine Forbes.

In a sign of her longevity in the industry, Moss recently modeled for Calvin Klein – more than two decades after she was first photographed for the company.

She shot to fame in the 1990s and was swiftly labeled the epitome of “heroin chic” – a fashion trend blamed for glamorizing drugs and anorexia.

Despite a string of scandals – including photographs allegedly showing her taking cocaine – Moss’s image has survived each episode unscathed.

She is adored by fashion bible Vogue, adorning its cover dozens of times and serving as contributing editor for British Vogue in 2014.

While modelling for the world’s major fashion houses such as Versace and Yves Saint Laurent, Moss has also signed up with high street make-up brand Rimmel and collaborated with clothing store Topshop.

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