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Cabinets of Curiosities – Bold Bar Cabinets for Your Luxurious Libations

From regal saddle leather-clad bar cabinets to stunning wood marquetry work, these bar cabinets will elevate your libation moments spent at home.

Nov 21, 2023 | By Joe Lim

What great expectations hide behind these alluring doors belonging to plush designer bar cabinets? A whole trove of posh features, artisanal woodwork and precise mechanisms await the end user! Enjoy the rewards of making drinks at home and serving them to your guests. They will be wowed by these striking designer bar cabinets that will serve many meaningful conversations. Get into action! Open the doors, and the magic happens! Here are our tasteful picks.

Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau

Poltrona Frau “Isidoro” bar cabinet is designed like a leather-clad trunk. Image: Poltrona Frau.

One of the most alluring bar cabinets in the furniture industry was designed by Jean-Marie Massaud for Poltrona Frau in 2007. It is designed to look like a trunk with elegant wheels at the base to open the cabinet like a book. Called “Isidoro”, this plush bar cabinet is made of poplar plywood panelling, while the exterior upholstery is made from saddle leather. This material also decorates the interior, and there are also shelves and drawers made of poplar plywood with Canaletto walnut veneer. The glass and bottle holder compartments are embellished with mini chromium-plated metal railings. This premium bar cabinet comes with a click-to-close mechanism to ensure perfect closure once you have entertained your guests.



Cylindrical bar cabinet designed by Patrick Jouin for Porada. Image: Porada.

Patrick Jouin’s “Mary” bar cabinet designed for Porada in 2019 comes in a head-turning design. The cylindrical form comprises two compartments with curved doors in Canaletto walnut and ice glass details. The upper compartment with brushed brass metal covered back and two wooden shelves give this bar cabinet added functionality. There is an upper LED lighting rechargeable by USB, and it even comes with a human presence sensor to open the doors when someone approaches it.

Ginger & Jagger

The “Meridiano” bar cabinet made by Ginger & Jagger stands out with its artisanal wood marquetry work. Standing 2m tall, the two-door cabinet can hold glasses upside down and offers slots for wine bottles. The striking cabinet is made from American Walnut veneer in a matt finish. The shelves, drawers, and wine rack are lacquered with a stone gloss finish, while the handles are brushed brass.



“Hayama” bar cabinet designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina. Image: Cassina.

Informed by the design of a traditional Japanese jacket worn over a kimono, aka “Haori”, the “Hayama” collection of consoles designed by Patricia Urquiola for Cassina is born. The cabinet’s exterior has an interplay of bold geometries with oblique legs, while the doors have subtle grooves to create a symbolic form. Interior-wise, a black mirror gives greater depth and has space and frames on three sides, not forgetting an extra-clear glass shelf where glasses, decanters, and bar accessories are housed. There is also LED lighting that brightens the interior.

De Castelli

The house of Adriano Design conjured this intriguing bar cabinet for De Castelli called “Barista” in 2021. The compact mobile bar flaunts a sculptural volume through a ribbed effect comprising natural copper rods in varying diameters. The cabinet opens to a perfect 180°, made possible by the design solution incorporating a “V” shape, thus creating two symmetrical halves that align perfectly. The bar can be pushed via two small wheels at the base. The interior is made entirely of stainless steel with an exceptional mirrored finish, creating a multiplying visual effect.

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