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Luxury megayacht launches 2017: The Dominator Illumen 28M

Design, comfort and engineering come together with the yacht that is the result of 10,000 hours of engineering

Aug 11, 2017 | By LUXUO

With a formidable name such as The Dominator, expectations are high for this yachting development that is set to treat the industry to one of the most exciting developments thus far. The Dominator Illumen 28M is a mega yacht like no other and the proof is in the pudding. Bringing together agility, comfort and luxury on board the 28-metre yacht, it is said to herald the new era in luxury yachting.

Designed by Alberto Mancini Yacht Design and built by engineers of NavalHEAD, the mega yacht has been designed to ensure that guests are able to enjoy the luxurious living spaces even at speed. Boasting optimal distribution of weight, space and functionality, the yacht was created through an experience-led philosophy that has helped the designers craft something from a whole new perspective. “We set out to challenge limitations and provide the same sensation of space, elegance and luxury in a 28- metre format that you would expect in a mega yacht,” says Chief Designer, Alberto Mancini. “When I first saw the hull, deck and superstructure I realised it was the beginning of a new era.”

In terms of engineering, the yacht is surpassing the expectations set by the industry and it is clear as to why. Equipped with an advanced full motion damping system has roll and pitch motion reduction called Humphree Active Ride Control, there is no question on the level of comfort provided. With MAN V8-1200 engines that can be found within the flexible lightweight Dominator High-Performance hull, the Dominator Illumen 28M is not only powerful but also safe.

Within the megayacht, the designers offer a selection of custom-made furniture and bulkheads made from only the finest materials. Working closely with the owners, the design team are able to fit the mega yacht with backlit white onyx, ebony, white oak, silk and Rhode fabrics, suede ceilings and satin-like nubuck leather. This highly personal process results in a floating abode that is sleek and seductive.


While the megayacht is a stunning giant that simply glides on the water in the yachting world, the interior distribution gives guests a sense of being on board a ship larger than it really is. Embracing the tall ceilings and the use of glassed areas that welcome natural light, the cabins are spacious and bright — the perfect combination to make you feel at home. A perfect example of this design is in the master cabin where the skylight and private deck.

“Design is more important than ever, and today owners want a yacht that offers the ultimate blend of performance, style, luxury amenities and comfort. In satisfying the demand for an elegant motor yacht that harmonises classic yachting tradition with modern technology and design, we designed the Dominator Ilumen to far exceed our clients’ expectations.” Alberto Mancini, Designer.

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