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The Sanlorenzo’s 500Exp launched during Elite Days

One of the most recognised leaders in the production of yachts, the Italian yachting marque celebrates its 60th anniversary as well as the launch of its new 500Exp yacht.

May 17, 2018 | By Shirley Wang

In the magnificent background of Elite Days 2018 held in La Spezia, Italy, it has been a weekend of celebrations for the 60th anniversary of Sanlorenzo. The yachting marque is evidently recognised worldwide as one of the leaders in the production of yachts and superyachts.

Sanlorenzo’s superyacht business just got more epic: its 500Exp is the first unit launched during Elite Days 2018, and things are definitely looking up for the company.

To commemorate this first unit of 500Exp, the Italian company provided a full Buddhist ceremony to honour the traditions of the young Chinese new shipowner.

As an evolution of the 460Exp, this new 500Exp model represents a perfect testimony to the predisposition for personalisation that characterises Sanlorenzo. Developed in close contact with the owner, this model is created with utmost personalisation: a landing area for helicopters, a diverse range of “gadgets” that are integrated in the equipment, yet still preserving the configuration of a superyacht Explorer to encapsulate an authentic sense of sea adventure.

Spanning 47 metres and weighing 500 tonnes, the 500Exp superyacht revolutionises the concept of expedition boat, proposing itself as a luxury superyacht for wherever far away destinations. Sanlorenzo has managed to design the yacht to channel the spirit of leisure and comfort, without sacrificing the touch of design and elegance. Combining experience and innovation with a unique design approach, Sanlorenzo has demonstrated their ability to personalise luxurious space on the waters.

The Sanlorenzo Superyacht Division is headquartered in La Spezia, Italy, in a new 50,000-plus-sqm production site. The new home is purely dedicated to designing and building metal models above 40 metres, poised for greater things as it drums up its effort and passion for future superyachts that we can look forward to.
Learn more on Sanlorenzo yachts on its official website.

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