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The Exotic Aston Classic Car in Tudor Metallic Grey

The Aston’s DB5 of 1963 was made famous after it appeared in the popular James Bond film in the 1960s. Following, the new editions took the styling cue with improved aerodynamics and embodied the best class and style that Aston Martin is famous for, such as the DB6 Volante.

Mar 17, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

This classic Aston Martin DB6 could be a real wheel deal for any Aston’s fan. This example is described as an exceedingly rare motorcar being one of just 29 examples built in 1967.

Complete in a beautiful Tudor metallic grey as seen on its exterior, the fiery red interior style accentuates well with the desirable Volante drophead body, and the Aston Martin DB6 is built to Vantage specification.

JD Classics, being acknowledged as one of the most popular dealers for sourcing, restoring and maintaining the most significant road and racing cars in the world, it is putting up this exotic looking yet practical MKI Vantage Volante on offer.

According to the car dealer, Aston’s DB6 has gone through a number of upgrades, including the “power steering, power operated hood, electric windows, front seat belts as well as an uprated engine fitted with three twin choke Weber DCOE 45s, which delivered an increased power output of 325 bhp versus the 282 bhp of the standard model.”

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