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Project Predator: The World’s Most Powerful Jaguar?

VIP Design steps in with a beefed up Jaguar F-Type R AWD that delivers higher performance while losing none of the aesthetics.

Apr 29, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Proving that even the best can be improved upon, the British tuning company VIP Design has ramped up the power levels of a Jaguar F-Type R AWD with their own special bespoke beast. Project Predator contains 650bhp in its lithe form yet still maintains an aesthetics and performance on par with Jaguar’s own new flagship – the F Type SVR.

The Predator, in fact, offers a full 105 horses more than a stock F-Type R AWD and 75 horses more than even the SVR. All this is thanks to better airflow filters, supercharger pulley, exhaust system, including a completely new manifold, and a completely remapped engine with new software in tow. This achievement is all the more remarkable considering that the actual V8 engine is the same as the vanilla version. Also achieved is three weeks of Dyno testing, a suspension that has been stiffened and strengthened, a 30mm lower ride height, and a new rear carbon fiber diffuser added so that all of that newly freed-up power can be marshalled when needed. This whole transformation will only cost from £12,600, including a set of hand-cast alloy wheels, which is good news for anyone who bought the AWD before the SVR broke in.

“Since the Jaguar F-Type was launched, the sleek lines and V8 engine were always going to lend themselves to power upgrades, and appeal to passionate drivers who are never going to settle for stock options. Our new package has created the most exciting F-Type available in the world and is certain to thrill serious petrol-heads anywhere,” said VIP Design managing director Paul Busby.

The number of tuning and customization firms dedicated to pumping more horsepower out of standard cars seems to be growing consistently, which to us just goes to show how much one can improve on any given internal combustion system. VIP Design is a great option for those who don’t want to get rid of their old models just because a supposedly better standard model is available.

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