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Off-Road Warrior: Mercedes G 350 d Professional

For rough-riding purists out there, Mercedes has the perfect vehicle for you.

Jun 06, 2016 | By Staff Writer

While Mercedes has been making cars more suited for the urban explorer, they’ve not forgotten those with a more Indiana Jones kind of spirit. The Mercedes G 350 d Professional is the latest version of their iconic G Wagon and it is all fitted out for maneuvering through the harshest conditions and terrain – whilst still maintaining a certain level of passenger comfort.

In terms of its performance, the Professional will be sporting a 3-liter turbocharged V6 diesel engine under its castellated hood, with 245hp on tap and, most importantly, 600Nm of torque available from as little as 1,600 rpm. Beyond that, this new model sports permanent all-wheel-drive, a low-ratio transmission and three electronically locking differentials.

With specs like that, it is clear Mercedes intends for you to go on as rocky and as unstable ground as you can get. The Professional completes its encouragement by being hard to tarnish – with grille and wheels finished in matte black rather than easy-to-scratch chrome, and also chunky all-terrain tires as standard. The suspension, too, has been overhauled to give it an extra 10mm of ground clearance (245mm versus the standard 235mm), and that in turn results in an improved angle of approach (36˚) and a 600mm fording depth (because with this G Wagon, of course fording will be something you’ll get up to). All in all, this is an exciting step up from the now discontinued G 300 CDI.

As for the interior, with its electronically operated seats, a multi-function steering wheel and optional compatibility with Apple Car Play and Android Auto, you can expect yourself to still have access to your entertainment in the wildest countries. Just in case, though, the floor is clad in non-slip mats and there are drainage ports so that dirt from muddy boots and clothes can be easily washed away.

What about those who are G-class fans simply because of it is a luxury SUV with serious utilitarian chic? Don’t worry about it – the rest of the range is also being updated with the latest Mercedes infotainment, navigation and communication systems. With all that, the price for the Professional (in Europe) will start from €90,636.35. You can book your orders now, and European deliveries commence in September.

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