Incredibly Fun On-The-Road: The Ferrari Special and Limited Edition Race Car

The Ferrari special and limited edition race car has been launched with 23 per cent more downforce and has even more aerodynamics elements.

Oct 31, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

The new limited edition Ferrari FXX-K EVO has an increased downforce of 23 per cent

The FXX-K that started out as a track-only version Ferrari LaFerrari, the Evo version is built upon its predecessor. With the overall weight reduced and the aerodynamics improved, the Ferrari FXX-K Evo race car is said to be lighter with even more aerodynamic elements.

To allow the supercar to traverse at a faster speed, FXX-K Evo has been launched with 23 per cent more downforce, which also means that the race car can improve its cornering speed “at the redline in its highest gear for magnet-on-steel levels of grip.”

The improved aerodynamics on race cars result from the “newly designed rear wing and the external fins that create a vortex of air, passing clean air over the spoiler and pushing away the hot air coming from the car’s front and powertrain components.”

The interior cabin of the new FXX-K Evo saw a vast improvement to its steering wheel featuring the KERS hybrid boost system controls. The information screen has been redesigned to be more user-friendly and the camera that previously served as a rear view mirror has also been improved.

Designed to be a truly epic race cars with amazing exhaust systems, the Ferrari car series are only made for on-the-track driving, despite producing other series of cars for racing. Taking a glance on the brand’s significant milestone back in 2005, when Ferrari introduced its XX development programme, it was part of the brand’s R&D effort to create the future generation of Prancing Horse supercars and hypercars based on the various best road-going models and built upon the “racing series with bespoke track-only cars.”

For Ferrari owners looking towards upgrading from the FXX-K version, the new Evo model is also available as a turn-key car. But the new limited “Evo” version is only available to clients who are part of the company’s XX development programme.

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