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Bentley Debuts Bentayga SUV First Edition

To mark the launch of the Bentayga and to honor the support of its most important clients, Bentley has designed a special edition model of its first SUV

Nov 18, 2015 | By AFP Relaxnews

To mark the launch of the Bentayga (possibly the world’s most luxurious SUV) and as a tribute to its most important clients, Bentley has designed a special edition model of its first SUV that will be limited to exactly 608 examples globally. The Bentayga has already been making waves on the Internet just for existing.

Unveiled in Los Angeles in front of a select group of invited guests, the Bentayga First Edition will be packed with features and details that the company promises will be unique to the model.

Kevin Rose, Board Member for Sales and Marketing, Aftersales, said: “With the First Edition we have created the ultimate expression of the Bentayga’s spirit. It is equipped with an array of striking features that celebrate both the pioneering nature of the Bentayga and its unique abilities.”

Although the car is yet to go into production, its uniqueness comes in the form of its vital statistics. It is the most powerful, the fastest and most luxurious SUV money can buy. It has a 0-100km/h time of just 4.1 seconds and a top speed of 301km/h. And, thanks to a new twin-turbo 6-liter W12 engine, it can output 600bhp or 608PS, hence Bentley’s decision to build 608 units.

The First Edition will be available in a very limited palette of 10 pre-selected exterior colors to ensure that the paint perfectly complements the unique 22-inch black-painted, polished five-spoke alloy wheels. Each car will also feature Union Flag badging and illuminated treadplates.

Inside, Bentley has put a special twist on the quilted leather for which its cabins are famous so that the finish is diamond within diamond, essentially a double quilting that extends to the door panels as well as enveloping the seats. The wooden fascia and door caps continue the Union Flag badging scheme, this time in polished metal rather than enamelled red, white and blue. The seats are embroidered with the First Edition legend and also feature special double contrast stitching.

The final special feature is one that can be enjoyed whether in or away from the car. Each First Edition owner will get a unique Breitling watch. The German watchmaker has developed three different timepieces inspired by the Bentayga.

The Emergency has a dual frequency personal locator beacon; the Cockpit B50 boasts an electric multifunction calibre; while the Chronomat 38 has a smaller form factor and is designed for women.

Each watch has a certified Breitling movement, a mother-of-pearl dial and bronze-toned hands.

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