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Cirrus Aircraft Celebrates Over 3 Decades at Oshkosh

The light jet company is displaying more than 10 of its most popular aircraft at the world’s largest aviation show between 25-31 July.

Jul 26, 2022 | By Joseph Low
Cirrus Oshkosh
Image: Cirrus Aircraft

The world’s largest aviation show, EAA AirVenture Oshkosh 2022 is happening between 25-31 July. It will host various activities from daily air shows to showcases of the latest products from companies. Among the participants is Cirrus Aircraft, with seven aircraft on display outside its hangar-inspired tent and another six around the event space. 

Apart from welcoming aviation enthusiasts, the seven-day event is a gathering of employees from Cirrus Aircraft’s domestic and international teams. One of the event’s highlights is a signing event by American aerobic and 2018 Red Bull Air Race World Champion, Mike Goulian at the Cirrus Aircraft tent between 28-29 July.

2022 G6 SR Aircraft, Cirrus Aircraft
2022 G6 SR Aircraft. Image: Cirrus Aircraft

As one of the most renowned aircraft companies in the private aviation industry, Cirrus Aircraft’s suite of products has become the golden standard for those who wish to conquer the skies. The company’s 2022 G6 SR Series and the G2+ Vision Jet will be featured during the event. These two products are the crowning achievements of the company, especially the SR Series, which maintained its status as the best-selling, single-engine piston aircraft for the twentieth year in a row. The latter, Vision Jet, is the best-selling personal jet for the third year in a row.

Cirrus Aircraft’s involvement in the airshow at Oshkosh has a history stretching back over three decades when its co-founders promoted the company’s original kit plane, the VK-30, in 1988. By 1994, the demand for Cirrus Aircraft products grew steadily and the company established headquarters in Duluth, Minnesota. Since then, it has become a tradition for the company to attend the Oshkosh airshow.

Cirrus Aircraft Interview
Vision Jet. Image: Cirrus Aircraft

Despite the ongoing pandemic, Cirrus Aircraft recorded one of the best delivery years in the company’s history in 2021. The company sold 442 SR Series aircraft and 86 Vision Jets. It was reported that about 40 per cent of SR Series buyers were new to aviation and approximately 25 per cent of SR orders came from outside the United States. This excellent trajectory places the company in good hands in the coming months as travel resumes and people satisfy their thirst to explore on their own terms.

Keeping technological advancement at the heart of its product development, Cirrus Aircraft remains one of the most agile and innovative aviation companies in the high-performance single-engine piston and light jet categories. Head down to the EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in Wisconsin from 25-31 July on Celebration Way.

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