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SSMA’s M Wines: Importers of fine Italian wines in Singapore

Boasting their very first outlet store on the island, the company now allows you to enjoy an extensive selection straight from Italy

Jun 29, 2017 | By Robbie Wilson

M Wines, part of SSMA, has recently launched their first concept outlet in Singapore. SSMA is an importer of fines wines from Italy. Located at Platinum 28, the space combines both retail and wholesale, while having a “private club feel”.

There are wooden floors and large, floor-to-ceiling custom-built wooden wine racks, complemented by an impressive selection of high-quality Italian wines on full display. One of the outlet’s most unique design features are the glass-topped wine-barrels which serve as cocktail tables. These are perfect for mingling at over a bottle of wine and blend perfectly with the overall style of the place, while the warm lights add a homely atmosphere. Guests can choose between red and white wines on tap and more than 30 hand-picked bottles, which are available exclusively at M Wines in Singapore.

Exclusivity continues to the rare wines on offer, such as Oltreme from South Eastern Italy. This red wine is made with the ancient and almost extinct Susumaniello grape which is only found in the Jaddico locality of the Puglia region. Invitation-only wine tasting events are also set to excite connoisseurs and wine-enthusiasts alike. Wine will also be available for purchase after events by individual bottle or cartons of six.

For more information, visit M Wines.

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