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Puiforcat Cuts Out Stem in Wine Glassware

The French goldsmith brings out a tasteful mixed-material glassware collection that challenges conventional thinking.

Feb 29, 2016 | By Staff Writer

Puiforcat, the French goldsmith, has a new collection coming up that aims to shatter some of the staples of traditional wine glass design. Made in collaboration with sommelier Enrico Bernando and designer Michael Anastassiades, these wine glasses not only have metallic bases but also lose their wine stems. The range is set to include two red wine glasses, two white wine glasses, two desert wine glasses, two champagne glasses, two liqueur glasses, a water beaker, a decanter, a coaster, a bottle holder, a champagne bucket and a six-bottle ice bucket.

A Puiforcat Decanter

A Puiforcat Decanter

Anastassiades became famous for the highly minimalistic zen-like sensibility in his creations. As opposed to the standard curves of the traditional wine glass, those in Puiforcat’s collection have a sophisticated angularity to their make.

The snipped tulip-head design came from the observation by Bernando that many people pick up the wine glass more easily by the base of the bowl than the stem. The gradually narrowing opening of the glass, furthermore, prevents the ethers from evaporating.

The glass separate from the metal base

The glass separate from the metal base

The wine glass consists of a pointed-bottom glass recipient mounted onto the metal base, thus keeping the glass and metal apart (and in extension, the metal and the wine), but allowing for this tasteful design where the bottom (conically shaped to slow down oxidation) gives off a metallic or golden sheen. Every glass also has a discreet ridge, perfectly calculated to allow for a subtle indicator of the correct quantity of wine to be served.

Puiforcat regular works with renowned designers. The company was founded in 1820 and soon came to the forefront of gold and silver work. This collection places worthily among their other fine creations.

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