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Cheers to The Lunar New Year With These Auspicious Tipples

LUXUO brings you the ultimate Lunar New Year alcohol releases and their corresponding food pairings alongside auspicious festive gift boxes.

Feb 06, 2024 | By Florence Sutton

Regarded by many as the mightiest of all the Zodiac animals, the dragon is symbolic of life and creativity as well as a portent of future prosperity in traditional Asian culture. As Lunar New Year approaches, households across the globe eagerly prepare to usher in the festivities with family and friends. Celebrating the annual Lunar New Year has both a festive and cultural significance weighed in part by ties with family and friends. Hosting a memorable celebration goes beyond offering delicious dishes, it also includes a delicious alcohol pairing. From dynamic new bottle designs that make the ideal gift to festive feast pairings, LUXUO lists the latest alcohol releases to elevate the atmosphere of any festive get-together.

Louis XIII 

In a special celebration edition for the Lunar New Year, Year of the Dragon, the Louis XIII cognac opens with notes of candied fruits before giving way to delicate florals. Expect hints of jasmine, saffron and cigar box for a long, spicy finish. The LOUIS XIII Cognac is typically recommended to be savoured after a meal, however, it also pairs well with light seafood, for instance, a steamed garoupa (which signifies an abundance of wealth during the lunar new year) or fish maw soup.

Remy Martin XO

The Dragon represents prestige. As the House’s symbol since 1870, the Centaur guides Rémy Martin forward, embodying authenticity and audacity. The XO’s decanter takes festive inspiration from the 300-year reunion of the Centaur and Dragon. When it comes to flavour, Remy Martin XO worked with Michelin-starred chef Brandon Jew to create the ultimate culinary and cocktail pairing this Lunar New Year. Rémy Martin XO “Elegant” is a cocktail concocted with apple syrup, lemon and hot chrysanthemum tea and can be paired well with a beef tendon with Lanzhou chilli oil yield, red pepper puree and potato crisps. Two other pairings with Rémy Martin XO cocktails include the smoked oyster youtiao as well as fried sesame ball. The latter is a classic Chinese dessert traditionally served during Lunar New Year.

The Macallan

The Macallan’s “A Night on Earth – The Journey” is a unique single malt Scotch whisky created by the brand to represent the journey to reunite with loved ones from around the world. This is the second release in The Macallan A Night on Earth series and sees the bottle encased in a multi-layered pack, created in collaboration with acclaimed Chinese mixed-media artist Nini Sum. With the intention of creating an exceptional unboxing experience, each layer of the pack is imbued with meaning. First the expansive landscape, then the night sky, fireworks and finally a daylight scene of mountains wreathed with clouds. This limited-edition whisky is created using a perfectly balanced combination of The Macallan’s exceptional sherry-seasoned European and American oak casks together with American ex-bourbon barrels. There is a sweet, nuttiness to the whisky’s flavour profile that evokes some of Nini Sum’s sweetest Lunar New Year memories.


Benriach’s “The Twelve” limited edition dragon-inspired Lunar New Year bottles are a rich and smooth expression of Benriach Single Malt. Matured in a sherry-rich profile with the addition of bourbon and port casks, this intriguing malt has layers of baked fruit, maple honey sweetness and lingering oak spice. A sip reveals maraschino cherry, baked orange and hazelnut, with a lingering sultana and spiced mocha finish. Master Blender Rachel Barrie describes the flavour profile as “a sherry-rich maturation with layers of dark berry fruit that encaptures the flavours of Benriach in the autumn”.

Johnnie Walker Blue Label x James Jean

The new Johnnie Walker Blue Label limited edition design is created by influential visual artist, James Jean. “Evolved from traditional depictions of Chinese dragons, my dragon is composed of flowers and organic elements, from which emerge tendrils and arcing lines, evoking the idea of roots and connection”, says Jean.


Elevate the Lunar New Year celebrations with Aberfeldy single malt whisky, where each expression (12, 16 and 21-year-old) adds a distinctive touch to your festivities. First, Aberfeldy’s 12-year-old single malt is an exquisite whisky, with its notes of honey, spices, vanilla, and a subtle hint of smoke, becomes the perfect accompaniment to the festive feast. Paired with the traditional Yee Shang, the fusion of flavours creates a symphony on your palate, setting the gold standard for a memorable celebration. Aberfeldy’s 16-year-old single malt is a rich, full-bodied whisky with indulgent notes of honey, fruitcake, and dark chocolate. Sip on a dram as you nibble on bak kwa or harmonise it to the nuttiness of peanut cookies. Finally, Aberfeldy’s 21-year-old single malt is the embodiment of the opulent grand finale of Chap Goh Mei (15th day of Lunar New Year) with loved ones, savouring the delightful notes of heather honey, creamy macadamia nuts, dried fruits, toasted coconut, silky oak, and a subtle trace of smoke.

L’Or de Jean Martell

Martell rings in the Year of the Dragon with the limited edition Martell Cordon Bleu & Martell Noblige Bottle, designed by French designer Vincent Darré. The design pays tribute to the meeting of two cultures, represented by a magnificent, dazzling dragon (a symbol of power and good fortune) and an elegant, stylised swift, symbolising Maison Martell’s spirit of freedom. As for what’s inside the bottle, expect the rich blend of Martell Noblige, composed with a minimum of 100 eaux-de-vie from the finest terroirs in the Cognac region. Its singular woody character offers a perfect balance between strength and smoothness. The L’Or de Jean can be paired with either seafood or spicy dishes. If you are seeking more robust flavours, abalone and fish maw is ideal. However, if you feel bold, you can opt for lightly spicy dishes.

Martell Noblige

Martell Noblige is a cognac known for its smooth and elegant flavour profile, featuring notes of vanilla, fruit, and spices. When it comes to pairing food with Martell Noblige, you’ll want to complement its rich and complex flavours with dishes that won’t overpower its delicate nuances. Start off with light appetizers such as smoked salmon, bruschetta, or crostini with mild toppings to complement the cognac without overwhelming its flavours. Next, opt for creamy and mild cheeses such as brie or camembert. The smooth texture and subtle flavours of these cheeses harmonise well with the smoothness of Martell Noblige. Finally, seafood — lightly cooked seafood such as shrimp or scallops can pair nicely with Martell Noblige, especially dishes with buttery or citrus-based sauces.


Hennessy welcomes the 2024 Lunar New Year, the majestic Year of the Dragon, with a striking limited-edition collection inspired by a digital art piece created by visionary Chinese artist Yang Yongliang, dubbed “Dragon’s Odyssey”. In honour of the dragon, the most symbolic and vital animal of the Chinese zodiac, Yang Yongliang has combined traditional drawings with striking digital art. Inspired by Maison Hennessy’s campaign tagline of “together we are unstoppable”, the limited-edition collection embraces the ethos of 2024; a year to unleash positive energy and celebrate what brings us together. The art-adorned bottles are available in Hennessy V.S.O.P, X.O and Paradis — an exquisite and rare collectable decanter in a beautiful oak giftbox. They are all perfect as either a gift during the festive season, or as a drink to see in the new year with friends and family, or even as a centrepiece in the home.


To celebrate the most revered zodiac, the Dragon, Penfolds has released a limited-edition collection
featuring Bin 389 Cabernet Shiraz Magnum 1.5L. With the zesty notes of black fruit and red fruit compote followed by the sweetness of cocoa powder along with plenty of savoury flavours to balance out the sweetness in cold sliced salted beef, roast lamb cooking juices, the fine tannins of Penfold’s Bin 398 Cabernet Shiraz 2024 works as a compliment to Lunar New Year dishes as it is reminiscent of oolong tea, however, the bottle’s savoury flavours also compliments meat dishes.


When it comes to gifting, Glenfiddich’s Limited-Edition Gift Packs is one to beat. In collaboration with internationally acclaimed artist Raku Inoue, the collection of limited edition gifts personifies the spirit of Glenfiddich, who took inspiration from the great outdoors when designing these extraordinary sets. Harnessing some of the most magnificent elements. Fu Lu, the Glenfiddich Stag, is formed and crafted petal by petal, element by element from natural materials and fitting to this auspicious moment in time. The limited edition series is led by the Glenfiddich Reserva Rum Cask 21-year-old pack and spans the core range of 12, 15 and 18-year-old variants, which come as gift packs containing a bottle and Glenfiddich-branded whisky glasses.


Bowmore celebrates the Year of the Dragon with the renowned Bowmore 18-year-old “Festive Dragon Box”, presented in a lustrous red copper box bearing the dragon motif. Enjoy the classic Bowmore smokiness with the accompanying Bowmore whisky rock glass.


Glenglassaugh pays homage to the brand’s coastal home at the Glenglassaugh Distillery. As is synonymous with all Glenglassaugh expressions, the spirit is shaped by influences of land and sea. Each cask presents an exceptional sensory experience, reflecting different facets of the distillery’s coastal character and provenance. Perched on the rugged northeast coast of the Scottish Highlands, the collection of old and rare cask bottlings sees and East meets West approach to the Lunar New Year providing the perfect option for those celebrating the Lunar New Year away from home.

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