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Krug Champagne Releases Second Book on Eggs

The book narrates the sublime marriage between the humble egg and the famed Krug Grande Cuvee.

Jul 02, 2016 | By Luxuo

Speak of champagne and a plethora of possible food pairings will spring to mind: caviar, foie gras, and other luxurious likes. This year, the House of Krug subverts conventions yet again, releasing its second global publication of unexpected food pairings with its famed champagnes in Singapore. The food item of choice this year: eggs.

“Poached, scrambled or fried?” is a collection of unique egg-based creations from 17 of the world’s highly talented Krug Ambassade Chefs. While basic, common and very humble, the egg opens up a world of transcendent possibilities when paired with the Krug Grande Cuvee. An exquisite blend of 120 wines from more than 10 different years, the pairing is a classic commoner-meets-royal marriage. As always, the result is magical and sublime.


More than just a simple collation of original food pairings, the publication also marks the gathering of some of the most esteemed chefs worldwide, doubling it as a tribute to the culmination of culinary expertise. Swedish photographer Jenny Zarins also lends her artistic proficiency to this publication, lensing the chefs with her characteristic subtle lightheartedness.


“Poached, scrambled or fried?” can be found in Krug Ambassades and Krug restaurant partners, all of whom will be celebrating Krug & Egg with specific menus and experiences throughout the year. Egg-citing times wait ahead.

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