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Biré Bitori Promises Extreme High

A proposed design caters to those who love a touch of adventure with their drink

Mar 13, 2016 | By Staff Writer

The architecture and design firm Tall Arquitectos has a plan for a bar cum evil-mastermind-death-fortress jutting out the side of a cliff. The Biré Bitori looms ominously over the forests of Mexico’s Copper Canyon as a strange structure that, to any curious upwards climbing mountaineers, feels like a mostly white monolith from another dimension or planet. Of course, alien structures probably don’t contain smooth cocktail-making bartenders inside them.


You enter the area through a set of small steps traveling underneath a small pool (left of the entrance for the upper observation deck), where the bar can eventually be found. As long as you don’t suffer from serious vertigo, the design even includes a nice glass floor in the center of the structure so that you can drink, chatter, and tango while the 6,000-foot drop stares at you amiably in the face.


The building merely exists as a proposal for now, but if it ever comes becomes a reality, it would be the go-to drinking spot for any of the adventurous affluent out there.

For more information, you can check out Tall Arquitectos.

Images courtesy of Tall Arquitectos and Uncrate

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