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You can now Usher in 2019 Twice with PrivateFly’s Exclusive Flight Packages

We still cannot time travel, but PrivateFly will make it possible to celebrate New Year’s twice, in Sydney and then Los Angeles.

Dec 28, 2018 | By LUXUO

Credit: PrivateFly

In case you cannot seem to believe 2018 is about to end, it is now possible to live in denial for another 19 hours. Do not be mistaken; we still cannot time travel, but playing a little with flight technology to cross the International Date Line, you can still celebrate New Year’s twice.

Celebrate the New Year Twice, in Two Continents

Credit: PrivateFly

PrivateFly is once again offering its well-heeled clientele the opportunity to usher in 2019 twice by taking advantage the 19-hour time difference between Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles, United States.


Guests will attend a VIP party at 8pm on 31 Dec 2018 in Sydney that leads up to the iconic annual fireworks display over Sydney Harbour at midnight. Then, a Gulfstream 550 will pick up guests from Sydney Kingsford Smith airport, departing at 2am on 1 Jan 2019 and arriving at 8.30pm on 31 Dec 2018 in Los Angeles, “where the night is still young and there’s time to head to your party of choice”.

“The flight time from Sydney to Los Angeles in a Gulfstream G550 is 13.5 hours, so with the 19-hour time difference, you get to replay over 5.5 hours of party time, by flying eastward,” – Carol Cork, Marketing Director of PrivateFly

Surely, PrivateFly has got its exclusive guests well-covered during the 13.5-hour flight. For those who prefer to relax and rejuvenate between celebrations and destinations, the “VIP Wellness” package will offer guests an extensive array of luxury amenities: customised lighting, temperature controls, luxury bedding, designer pyjamas and slippers, skincare and face masks, detox juices, and a healthy catering menu loaded with vitamins and antioxidants.

On the other hand, guests who prefer going to town with the New Year festivities can continue partying mid-air with the “Festive Flight” package, which includes a dance party right on board and New Year’s Eve festive decorations. The in-flight catering menu for the package allows guests to enjoy caviar with a glass of cuvée champagne, along with made-to-order fishes such as fresh lobster and lamb tartare.

The opportunity is exclusive as it will set clients back US$255,500 for a charter from Sydney to Los Angeles, with a flight down under at clients’ own expense. For those who are able to celebrate in groups of 8, the flight will cost US$31,950 per pax, which includes a flight to Sydney.

For more information, visit PrivateFly. Original article published on Forbes.

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