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TripAdvisor launches rebrand of Chinese site

From now on, Chinese users will know TripAdvisor as Mao Tu Ying – which means ‘owl’ and ‘journey’ in English.

Jun 02, 2015 | By AFPRelaxnews

tripadvisor china

To cater to the world’s fastest growing tourism market, TripAdvisor has launched a new global brand for Chinese-speaking travelers.

From now on, Chinese users will know TripAdvisor as Mao Tu Ying, which means ‘owl’ and ‘journey’ in English, as part of the company’s aim to unify its three Chinese language sites under a single global brand.

Currently, TripAdvisor operates three separate sites: one for users in Taiwan, one for residents in mainland China (, as well as a recently launched site written in international simplified Chinese for the benefit of the Chinese diaspora living outside mainland China.

TripAdvisor’s new Chinese name is phonetic word play that combines the Chinese characters for owl and journey. The literal translation, however, can be interpreted as “Experience the world through different perspectives.”

The move comes amid travel forecasts predicting that mainland Chinese travelers will grow from 110 million to a staggering 230 million by 2020.

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