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The Ultimate Maldives Island Experience For Those In Search of True Balance of Mind, Body and Soul

ElE|NA Launches “Wellness Your Way” at OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI.

Feb 23, 2023 | By LUXUO

The Maldives, with its famously crystal clear waters is a dream destination for travellers from all around the world. The number one destination for anyone seeking peace and tranquillity. Launching into this market sees global leading wellness brand ElE|NA partnered with the award-winning luxury resort OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI, a part of THE OZEN COLLECTION, this unique sophisticated wellness brand is rewriting the rule book named “Wellness Your Way” available to all.

Guests get to be immersed fully in the island through its ultimate holistic journey of wellness, healing, and relaxation within the cocoon of exceptional surroundings of OZEN RESERVE BOLIFUSHI. This journey will invite the guests to feel rejuvenated and refreshed through lasting, transformative experiences characterised by the curation of the very finest local, healing traditions and international spa treatments. Using naturally energising natural products, the experience is designed to help you rediscover your inner balance and an enduring sensation of tranquil energy.

ElE|NA wellness rejuvenation journey is bespoke to each guest, with each journey designed by our resident Ayurvedic doctors according to fully researched healing programmes that also include exclusively curated plant-based nutrition meal plans, therapies, and specially designed activities, all of which are geared towards enhancing your island experience and health.

For the journey towards ultimate zen, each guest’s residence is transformed into a personalised private paradise, designed to offer pure relaxation at every opportunity. Through the customised programmes, guests will be more in-tuned with Mother Nature and reap its benefits with this reconnection. At night, the ambience is made to be conducive for a good sleep, an essential part of any rejuvenating experience.


ELE|NA is talilored to all and caters to diverse journey options including chronic pain management; anti-anxiety/stress programme; gut health and detox; sleep therapy; age-defying; wellness for cancer and weight loss. With its suite of exceptional choices, beauty, and spa experiences, dovetail seamlessly with the many benefits and attributes of a world-class retreat to ensure a perfectly balanced stay replete with all the fun, adventure, and indulgence of a blissful tropical holiday experience.

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