Street art on wheels: Belmond’s Eastern & Oriental Express Asia carriages double as canvas

The luxury rail travel is bringing art to the masses until April, as it travels from Singapore to Bangkok with a rolling canvas

Feb 13, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

All aboard! From now until April 28, guests travelling on the Belmond‘s Eastern & Oriental Express will be able to enjoy a whole new experience as they travel from Singapore to Thailand. Turning the concept inside out, Belmond not only offers its 82 guests breath-taking scenery over the course of two to three-night journeys but provides an emerging artist a chance to share his art in a unique way. Taking ‘Art in Motion’ literally, the brand has enrolled the help of artist Rajesh Kumar to deck out the exterior of two of its train carriages to become a ‘rolling canvas’.

A graduate in Fine Art from Goldsmiths University of London, Kumar chose to create his one of a kind artwork called ‘The Koi Pond’. The piece, that is a treat for those who see the train as it chugs along, represents the joy of travel, movement and the gathering of friends and family. When asked about his artwork, the Singapore-based street artist said, “The Koi Pond, has always been something I have been fascinated about. Throughout my journey, it made me feel like a koi fish in a pond. The colours and vibrancy of the fish and the water that displays emotions in many and felt it would beautifully represent Eastern & Oriental Express in aspects of luxurious travels.”

The artwork is not the only sensory treat for guests by Belmond. To make this a holistic journey, the brand has worked with other creative experts such as mixologists Cocktail Professor as well as DJ & Music producer Mr Has. Thanks to a new cocktail menu, signature cocktails such as ‘Mist of the rice paddies’ and ‘Malay Jungle’ can be enjoyed as the train passes through Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand. Combining classic cocktail etiquette, modern techniques and an imaginative presentation, the concept provides a treat to the senses.

With Mr Has, Belmond offers the bar car where one can raise their glass while meeting new friends. The experience is enhanced thanks to the live recordings of cool jazz that is combined with future classics and deep grooves to make this a journey to remember.

The Eastern & Oriental Express Asia by Belmond travels between Singapore and Bangkok on two to three-night journeys from January to April and September to December.


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