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Places to Visit in London

If you are planning to visit London, here are five renowned places you simply must check out as soon as you arrive.

Aug 23, 2022 | By LUXUO
Tower of London
Image: Fabian Kühne/Unsplash

There is only one way we can say this. London is a special city and as such, it has a lot of special places we can visit and where we can have fun. It can be the best tourist destination for some of you and a mandatory one for most of us. Well, if you are planning to visit the city, here are five places you simply must check out as soon as you arrive. These are some of the best-known places in the world.

London Eye

London Eye has been one of the best and the most appealing tourist destinations in the city and the one that makes a massive appeal among 99 per cent of tourists. First, you can see the London Eye from 40 kilometres when the day is clear. It is 135 metres high and there are 32 capsules. Each capsule represents one of the city’s boroughs. The London Eye is above River Thames and yes, you can see a huge part of the city and you can see a lot of other attractions such as Big Ben and many more.

A nice addition here is that the pods will rotate all the time so you will get a 360-degree view of the city. It is worth trying to find a great hotel near London Eye and have an excellent view. If you know that the city is spectacular, you may want to do this as soon as possible. At the same time, it is one of the places that are original and you cannot visit the same thing in another city. You will need 30-40 minutes to get a complete experience which means it is suitable for tourists who don’t have a lot of time.

Buckingham Palace

There is no need to add that visiting Buckingham Palace should be your priority. This place is special and one of a kind. Yes, this is an office and also residents of the Queen so we all know that it is one of a kind. In reality, this is one of few royal places that are used for these purposes even today. 


Keep in mind that there are 19 staterooms that you can visit on selected dates (November-December only). This means that the place is not ideal or suitable for all tourists but there is one thing all of you can do.

The famous Changing the Guard event is free and available every single day. It starts at 10:45 am and you should try to come early and catch the event. It will take up to 45 minutes but the thrill is impressive.

Hippodrome Casino

Hippodrome Casino London is a great attraction and the one you will like and we obviosity want to recommend. The casino was a nightclub, a theatre, and a lot more than the last, but, not a casino with 93,000 square feet in size for gamblers. Although this place does not have a website, there are many online casinos you can read more about that can provide the same service and even more. It was converted into this type of place back in 2012 and as you can imagine the conversion wasn’t cheap.

Inside you can enjoy three floors filled with games. There are poker tables, 15 blackjack tables, roulette and so much more. Visitors can have a great time in a restaurant, have a drink and enjoy a lot more than just gambling. All the people who have visited this place were impressed and they will come again. 

Madame Tussauds London

If you ever visit London, make sure to visit Madame Tussauds London. It is one of a kind transaction and one that will impress you. There are 190 wax figures in the museum. You can see Dwayne Johnson, Avengers, Yoda, and countless more. Just remember that you will need up to two hours to visit the whole museum and check out all the figures. All of what we have said is a small portion of what you can see here and it definitely deserves your attention.

The museum is located at Marylebone Road and yes, you have to book the visit before you go. Also, you will need a lot of time because you will want to take photos of these characters and probably take one with you among them.

Emirates Air Line

You can get your own pod and travel from Greenwich Peninsula all the way to Royal Docks. If you like heights and you want to see London from above, this is another attraction that deserves your attention. 

The best part here is that this attraction is very affordable. You can get them online for £5 which is low. A ticket for a child will be £2.5. Of course, if you want to get them in the real world, you will pay more. In addition, a round trip will cost you £10 which is still low. As such, it can be one of the best, most affordable, and most thrilling attractions in the city. Of course, we will recommend it only if you like heights or you do not care about them.

The Final Word

These five places are the ones you will want to visit when you travel to the UK and come to London. Each one is special, different, and amazing in its own way and each one will put a smile on your face. At the same time, all these places are great and will give you a lot of perfect photos for your memories and on social media. Don’t worry, all of these are not expensive places to visit so you can have affordable fun.

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