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A Luxurious Ski Experience in Italy

If you are looking for a place to indulge in a luxury ski, and have access to the exclusivity of a private helicopter where you can spend time skiing entirely at your own pace, this holiday destination in Italy might be just what you are looking for.

Mar 20, 2018 | By Andrea Sim

A Luxurious Ski Experience in Italy

Are you in search of an exclusive heli-skiing experience? In certain areas of the Northern Hemisphere, the subsequent months are the snowiest season on an average, still running through the end of May. While the snow conditions remain favourable in certain areas of the West and plains, will make the perfect destinations for an adventurous ski.

Offered by Luxo Italia, a boutique tour operator based in Milan, specially-customised tour packages for guests who are looking for a step up in luxury and an all-exclusive travelling experience.

This unique ski experience in Italy offers accommodation, meals and transportation in the price package of your holiday. Not only can you enjoy skiing on the nice gentle slopes, you can also step it up to the steeps and venture through towering trees, wide open bowls, perfectly spaced glades and endless glacial runs. There is something fun for almost every level of skier.

Here, you get to spend 7 days in a private log chalet with views of the surrounding mountains that merges seamlessly with the rugged Italian wild. Enjoy a variety of hotel amenities such as Jacuzzi, sauna and massage room for those who are not keen on skiing.

One of the luxury perks about staying there is the personally cooked-meals by the private chefs. Additionally, guests get to spend a pleasant evening and enjoy the One-Michelin starred dinner prepared and hosted by Chef Paolo Donei in the comfort of his residence.

From the airport you will be flown by helicopter direct to the doorstep of your private luxury chalet and the winter wonderland adventure will follow.

You will be accompanied by a private mountain guide, a chef and concierge dedicated exclusively to your group. They will look after the arrangements from the moment you step off the plane in Milan to ensure that everything is taken care of as you indulge in the best of your personal lifestyle pursuit.

A private chef will attend to the group and prepare all your meals, snacks and canapés with drinks (non-alcoholic) served.

Other services provided by the hotel include use of safety equipment like the avalanche transceiver and avalanche airbag, and luxury transfers as well as return helicopter transfers are available between Milan and the lodge (depending on the weather).

For more details and enquiries on the travel destination, please visit the official website of LUXIFY here.

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