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Inside the luxury of Park City, Utah: Opulent Winter Retreat

On the eve of the Sundance Film Festival, Lauren deLisa Coleman, Digi-Cultural Trend Analyst and regular Forbes Contributor, takes a look at the luxurious wintery surrounds of Park City, Utah

Mar 05, 2018 | By LUXUO

On the even of the Sundance Film Festival, Lauren deLisa Coleman, Digi-Cultural Trend Analyst and regular Forbes Contributor, takes a look at the luxurious wintery surrounds of Park City, Utah.

Park City, Utah is arguably one of the most affluent and lively resort towns in the United States today. Revered for its majestic, mountain beauty, luxury real estate and world-class skiing, Park City may also be best known as the host of the annual Sundance Film Festival but there is also much undiscovered richness as well.

Inside the luxury of Park City, Utah: Opulent Winter Retreat

Indeed, this year’s Festival did not disappoint as Hollywood powerati from Jake Gyllenhaal to Naomi Watts were on hand for intimate panel discussions, exclusive parties, and various insider events at specific locations on and around the key strip of Main Street in Park City.

However, no Sundance is complete without Chefdance, the now 15 year-old event that is one of the most coveted ticket “gets” of the Festival. Over four nights highly notable chefs prepare incredible meals for industry insiders and celebrities, all with philanthropy as the backdrop. Each night’s dinner is hosted by various actors such as Rooney Mara and Joaquin Phoenix.

Hotel Park City

Hotel Park City, part of Autograph Hotels luxury offerings hosted the HBO’s celebration of documentary films, including that of Jane Fonda In Five Acts, being screened at the Festival. The event was held inside of Ruth’s Chris Steak House inside of Hotel Park City. There were overflowing carving, pasta, dessert, seafood, and champagne stations among many others. Champagne, wine, pasta, shrimp, carving station, artful desserts.  But the exclusive event  hosted by Maggie Gyllenhaal at the hotel’s Aspen Room was a stand-out complete with, with a performance by Martha Wainwright. The event celebrated this year’s independent films, the power of diversity and perseverance. The party also celebrated Gyllenhaal’s position as Autograph’s latest brand ambassador.

View of Gaurdsman’s Pass and Bonanza Flats

Deer Valley

Naturally, whether during the Festival or otherwise Deer Valley is a must for skiing.  A property that not only features acres upon acres of skiing but also lesson from any one of the resort’s 550 ski instructors is unparalleled.  Deer Valley features impeccable service,  breath-taking views, luxury hotels as the St. Regis and 14 sites for dining.

Indeed atop Deer Valley at the exclusive Fireside restaurant, patrons interested in savory food with a warming atmosphere book reservations well in advance. A triumph in various stations featuring the finest in lamb, ribs, raclette area and more are found in various rooms each nestled with a warm and seductive fireplace, is the Fireside.

But luxury increasingly includes wellness, and many are buzzing about  a best-kept-secret for such located just about 25 minutes away from the Park City area.

Homestead Crater

First, there is the world’s only calcium domed 10,000 year-old “crater” located in a section of Utah called Midway.  The “crater” is home to a natural hot spring that maintains a year-round temperature of approximately 90 degrees Farenheit.  The waters are deep, plunging down to about 65 feet.  Visitors don life jackets and float in the warm, natural healing waters that are wonderfully comforting.  In the winter, the experience is particularly other-worldly since the cold air above the warm water creates a rather dense fog all around.

Ice Castles

In addition, Ice Castles are located about 10 minutes away from Zermatt. Each winter 4,000 highly skilled artisans create awe-inspiring art sculptures, tunnels, slides, towers and much more complete with color-changing LED lights that create a rich experience that can easily serve as a moving meditation to help bring one back to center.

But the real fortune here is found in the little-known crystal healing studio located about 10 minutes away from the natural hot spring.  Developed and overseen by empathetic healer Teresa Morin, the studio offers realignment of energies through powerful, rich quartz crystal singing bowls that put any typical spa sound bath experience to shame.  Even the table for sessions is crafted out of sumptuous precious and powerful crystals and gems of various types.  This is sound-healing at its deepest. In addition, Morin also offers special Theta healing that works at a subconscious level to change any negative patterns at their very root.  But it is Morin’s unique temperament and approach that makes this a magical experience from the first moment.  This is about recapturing a natural state of harmony and balance that deep relaxation incites. Morin can also provide the series via phone as well. Prices upon request.

The opulence of the Park City, Utah area is for the taking on a variety of levels.  Such experiences during travel are truly priceless.

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