First class lounges are passe’ – chill in a Four Seasons suite at LAX

Enter a premium VIP terminal to relax and await your flight in a bespoke Private Suite experience with Four Seasons. Bid goodbye to any stress and hassle associated with air travel.

May 04, 2018 | By Shirley Wang

The Los Angeles airport is indubitably one of the busiest airports worldwide, with slews of prolific celebrities traipsing in and out. The VIP option has been on increasing hot demand as people earn to skip the many lines and crowds. Now Four Seasons offers a private suite, and kicks it up a notch.

In the latest project between Private Suite and Four Seasons Resorts Bora Bora and Hawaii, a premium VIP terminal allows guests to relax and await their flight in a bespoke Private Suite experience. Bid goodbye to any stress and hassle associated with air travel.

Guests of the Private Suite are welcomed into the airport compound through a special gate, where they can work or relax. All travel and baggage needs will be handled by The Private Suite, and guests can enjoy private TSA screening, on-site customs and immigration processing. Besides the comfort of awaiting in their private suite, they also enjoy the convenience of direct transportation across the tarmac to their aircraft in BMW 7-Series sedans.

It truly sounds like the best airport experience with privacy, comfort and personalized service at every turn. The Private Suite is certainly setting a new standard for air travel, as it transforms one of the most painful parts of travel into an over-the-top luxury experience.

Each private suite boasts a bathroom, food-service pantry, a spacious daybed and a view of aircraft landing and taking off. There are additional arrival services for layovers or for guests who prefer to a more private departure.

An extra perk for guests of Four Seasons – their personal preferences relayed to the Suite – ensuring a seamless experience the moment they touch down from air. Information of their stay, concierge recommendations and resort collateral will be accessible from the suite.

Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and The Private Suite experience includes a one-time use of The Private Suite and their services, round trip private transportation to and from selected Four Seasons resort and additional added value. Guests can even opt for a one day complimentary luxury cabana at Four Seasons Resort Oahu overlooks the Adult Pool with stunning views of the Pacific Ocean in the background, and includes indoor and outdoor relaxation spaces.

More information on the packages of the private suite with Four Seasons are available in their press release here.

The experience is priced at USD 3,500 and can accommodate up to three guests, and includes a 12-month membership to The Private Suite.

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