Exclusive Encounter With Whale Sharks, Like No-Where Else In The World

In the warm waters of Mexico’s East Coast, take the opportunity to Swim with the Big Fish, in this exclusive 4-day expedition, with world-renowned photographers documenting your experience.

Jan 14, 2019 | By Anastazia Prahin


Swim with an elite group for 4-days, in the warm waters of Mexico’s East Coast. Experience the largest numbers of Whale Sharks anywhere on Earth.


Go Ahead, Swim Into An Unforgettable Experience


Living till 100,  whale sharks filter feed 38kg of ‘little tunny’ and plankton everyday. A whale sharks daily diet is perhaps the largest consumption of caviar in the world. They exude an undeniable grandeur as they swim past with lengths reaching 20 metres (60 feet).

Exclusively catering to only 4 deluxe yachts once a year, each yacht seats no more than 6 people, to ensure you avoid the crowds.

With $15,000 USD per person twin share, it is an exclusive experience. You have in your team; Shawn Heinrichs, award-winning founder of Blue Sphere; National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen; National Geographic photographer Cristina Mittermeier and award-winning photographer Jim Abernethy; For an unforgettable romance in the wild, enquiries are welcome for booking out one of the four boats for 88,000 USD, perhaps an idea as a valentines gesture.

The ocean is brimming with these gentle giants during their migration. Allowing you to snorkel, interact with and swim beside numerous Whale Sharks over the few days.


Snorkeling with Whale Sharks in Mexico’s Waters


The entire trip from the moment you land, to the moment you leave is filled with utter luxury. Staying in the most scenic accommodation on the Isla of Mujeres, eating the freshest food and waking up to sweeping views of the water each morning.



Expect a private valè greeting you at Cancun Airport, who drives you to the Marina. From the Marina you will be accompanied by a Blue Sphere Associate and sail aboard your private yacht to the picturesque, Isla Mujeres. Having the afternoon to relax, you are soon followed up with an invitation to attend dinner with Founder Shawn Heinrichs.



The mornings are met with you being taken out by boat and then spending around 6-hours a day, exploring, basking in the Mexican sun and swimming with the many Whale Sharks.

When you’re immersed in the underwater world, you’ll surely encounter some, giant mobula rays, an absolutely harmless and gentle creature, playful and distinctly different to stingrays. Along with turtles, dolphins, sailfish, marlin and eagle rays.

Choosing to plunge into these luxurious few days, you are in fact turning your love of swimming with wildlife, into a charitable cause. One of the many causes is, the re-educatation of locals who would otherwise fish and kill these incredible creatures for commercial use.



Curator of this underwater escape, is a man who left his role as a CFO, Shawn Heinrichs. His work with Blue Sphere has seen the re-education of many local communities into cherishing these animals instead of slaughtering them. Improvements such as in Raja Ampat Indonesia, where there has been a 250% increase in marine life.

Understanding our world “is like a symphony, from the frozen arctic ocean to the deepest jungles of Central Africa, the whole world is singing, clicking, grinding, whistling and thumping” and by splurging a few thousand on a luxurious adventure, we can tick it off as a charitable good to our world. Tour Dates 2019 are July 13th – 17th.  enquiries

During your luxurious stay in the exclusive haven of Zoetry Villa Rolandi. Dinner is served at the islands best restaurant, Casa Rolandi, offering a blend of Northern Italian and Local Yucatan cuisines. At dinner your invitation includes dinning with the high calibre of staff and reminiscing on the days events, while you enjoy a meal from a variety of standout dishes, all of which have a sommelier personally match it for you. Trust, this expedition redefines charity.


Zoetry Villa Rolandi


The island is encapsulating and the restaurants are too. While there check out Polo’s Mango Café where you can taste some of the freshest Mexicans flavours. Brunch at Rooster Café where a creative spin on an eggs benedict comes with either lobster or chorizo, and sip on a simple cocktail before the days adventures unveil. This trip is an un-matched life altering experience and with there being a charitable cause behind it, it makes it even more flavoursome. It is truly not to be missed.


For more , Shawn is a part of the new Netflix documentary series, “Tales by Light”, and features in the acclaimed and must-watch documentary Racing Extinction

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