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Cuba Tops 2016 Luxury Travel Survey

According to the annual Travel Leaders Group luxury survey, Cuba is going to be the biggest up and coming destination for the wealthy.

Jan 20, 2016 | By null

As predicted, communist Cuba is now recognized as a bona fide luxury travel destination and more. According to the annual Travel Leaders Group luxury travel survey, Cuba is going to be the biggest up and coming destination for those that like to travel in style and with a sense of adventure. For those who crack a smile at Cuba being embraced by the luxury crowd, remember that China is still communist and that country has a thirst for the lux life like no other.

The Luxury Travel Trends for 2016 report compiling insights from 1,316 US-based premium travel agents puts the Caribbean island in first place as the biggest emerging destination for 2016, followed by the United Arab Emirates, African Safaris and Antarctica. Iceland and European river cruises also get the nod, reflecting the outbound travel tastes of wealthy thrill-seekers in the United States, perhaps.

Also interesting is the absence of Asian destinations in the overall top 10 list, with the most popular choice being China, at number 13 (a three-way tie between China, New Zealand and Spain).

Our recent story highlighting a few offbeat choices, including Cuba, is here along with suggestions on where to stay. For our part, we cannot help but feel that Antarctica and Africa have always been on the radar of the well-heeled adventurer in a way that Cuba definitely has not. Perhaps it would be more useful to choose a specific nation in Africa, even when it comes to safaris because not all national parks are created equal. As for Iceland, well that country’s star has been a rising ever higher every year in the constellation of luxury travel.


“Today’s luxury traveler is someone who seeks incredible, authentic and memorable experiences – not merely 5-star hotels and Michelin star restaurants. So it makes perfect sense that Cuba, Antarctica, and African safaris are among the top ‘up-and-coming’ luxury travel destinations according to our luxury travel agents throughout the United States,” stated Travel Leaders Group CEO Ninan Chacko.

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