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Airbnb Offers Shark Tank Stay

The Aquarium de Paris will accept 3 lucky winners for one night each in their special Shark Bedroom.

Mar 30, 2016 | By AFPRelaxnews

For those who find the notion of sharing a bedroom with scary fanged aquatic creatures romantic, Airbnb is offering a free stay in the Aquarium de Paris as part of their “Night at The Shark Aquarium” competition. Three winners and their lucky guests will be able to spend one night between April 11 to 13 sleeping with these majestic creatures of the deep, after being welcomed by their host – world-record breaking freediver, underwater photographer, and shark enthusiast Fred Buyle.

The criteria for the contest is simple. All you need to do is to sign in with an Airbnb account and write a little 50 to 550 character story about why you deserve to sleep with the fishes (or, in this case, sharks) for a night. Besides that, though, there are quite a number of other criteria probably meant for your aquatic safety – all guests should be above 18 years old, their combined weight must not exceed 190kg, and when they’re in the bedroom they can’t do things like take selfies after dark (sharks are sensitive to light) etc…

Besides the sleepover, other events will include a comprehensive tour of the Aquarium (with a comprehensive explanation on the world of sharks, and also why they’re so misunderstood – thanks a lot Steven Spielberg!), a private dinner for two, and breakfast the next morning.

Entries to the competition are due on April 3, and you can check out the Airbnb contest site over here.

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