The Quiet Life: The Appeal Of Lakeside Living

“Those with the means want luxury retreats away in the wilderness that give them a sense of the good life and provide them somewhere to unwind, relax, and recharge their batteries.”

Nov 08, 2023 | By Florence Sutton
Image: Vincentiu Solomon | Unsplash

Luxury property owners aren’t always after the glitz and glamor of the big city. Instead, many want to live in properties that offer them peace and tranquility, miles from crowds and the hustle and bustle of modern life. In fact, being able to get away from it all and enjoy quiet solitude is fast becoming the preserve of the wealthy, with financially successful individuals shunning dangerous cities and choosing to bug out in distant locations, far away from the rest of the civilization. 

For this reason, living by the lakeside is growing in appeal. Wealthy individuals are increasingly viewing the return to nature as a luxury experience in itself, but also want access to boating opportunities, watersports, and other recreational activities that require proximity to a body of water. 

“The number of homes for sale beside lakes targeting the exclusive and luxury-minded community is snowballing,” realtor Fawn Ridge says. “People are looking for alternatives to the conventional penthouse or condo in the big city. Those with the means want luxury retreats away in the wilderness that give them a sense of the good life and provide them somewhere to unwind, relax, and recharge their batteries.”

The reasons for wanting to live lakeside are many and include the following: 

Scenic Beauty

“We’re seeing a lot of people move to more rural locations, including lakes, for the scenic beauty these areas offer. The north of the country is still very much an untapped resource for those looking to enjoy beautiful vistas and experience nature in its glory. Most of the region remains wholly untamed, providing hiking, fishing, and camping opportunities,” Fawn Ridge says. “Occupiers can go for long jaunts in the backcountry and return to the cozy abodes precisely when it suits them.”

The scenic beauty of tranquil waters is certainly something that appeals to many people. But it is particularly spectacular in parts of the northern midwest that also offer mountainous terrain and forested areas. Many regions remain unspoiled by civilization, modern technology, or fast food eateries, transforming them into a magnet for the well-to-do looking for somewhere to feel human again

Sports And Recreation

Lakeside living also appeals because of its recreational and sporting opportunities. Open bodies of water (of which there are thousands in the northern U.S.) give people the opportunity to indulge in a range of sports. This, according to Fawn Ridge, is one of the main reasons for second or third residences in these areas. 

“We see a lot of people looking to spend more time enjoying their hobbies and building their skills, whether it’s paddleboarding, water skiing, swimming, kayaking, fishing, or boating. All these activities require regular practice to become truly fun, which is a major reason why so many individuals and their families are relocating. Being able to enjoy these activities is essential.”

Property Values

The investment potential is another reason for the interest in lakeside homes. These properties tend to appreciate faster than their conventional counterparts in cities, offering buyers higher returns, especially when they can snap up bargains. 

“The investor community is keen on lakeside properties right now, and we can hardly blame them,” Fawn Ridge explains. “Part of the reason is the paucity of returns elsewhere over the last couple of years. Investors are struggling to meet their financial objectives in the stock or bond markets, so they are coming to real estate, specifically lakeside properties. The hope is that the demand for retreats and bug-out locations over the next few years will drive prices higher. That’s what’s happened historically, so there is every reason to expect it to occur again.”

Peace And Quiet

Image: Beatrice Redi | Unsplash

“Peace and quiet are also playing a significant role in the desire to move to these locations,” Fawn Ridge explains. “Cities are becoming cramped and crowded places. So, instead of going through the upheaval of moving to another country, many individuals are seeking to find locations offering a similar quality of life on home turf. And these lakeside properties are a way to do it.”

Life is certainly quieter in these locations. However, many retain close-knit communities of individuals looking out for each other and spending time together socially. In wealthier locations, you can find regular boating or yachting clubs, particularly on the bigger lakes. 

Health Benefits

Wealthy individuals are also moving to lakeside locations to experience the health benefits. Regions next to open bodies of water tend to have lower overall pollution levels, improving respiratory health. However, they may also offer distinct benefits of being closer to nature. Being surrounded by the natural environment helps to bring the body into balance, improving bowel function, among others. 

“Health is the new wealth for many high net-worth individuals,” says Fawn Ridge. “Looking after one’s body and demonstrating robustness arguably has more impact than owning a wine cellar or fast car. It’s changing the dynamics of the game and causing many wealthy individuals to seek new accommodation that meets their needs.”


There’s also the allure of the inspirational environment lakeside living provides. Individuals close to nature and open bodies of water may be more creative, helping with work, finances, or any other objectives individuals might have. 

“Being close to lakesides and nature is a great outlet for artists, musicians, and other virtuosos,” Fawn Ridge states. “It helps to open the mind and enables individuals to make more connections between ideas. That might explain why so many individuals choose these more remote locations for their work. It’s the ideal place to get into the zone and avoid all the distractions of the city. Plus, nature itself offers inspiration and helps to get individuals in the mood for thought.”

Retirement And Relaxation

Finally, lakeside living is perfect for retirement and relaxation. The calming waters help to lower blood pressure while the natural environment avoids the challenges that come with city living

It’s also an excellent location for recreational activities, enabling people to enjoy their golden years more. The stress-free environment is undoubtedly superior for those looking to get away from it all. 

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