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Style Quotient – The Premium LG Styler

With space-saving form, sleek aesthetics and high-tech features, the LG Styler makes light work of “refreshing” laundry.

Jul 24, 2019 | By Joe Lim

As part of LG’s line-up to be one of the world’s most innovative electronics company, its 2019 portfolio of smart home appliances are nothing short of showstopping. One of the key products is the LG Styler.

LG Styler is sleek and modern looking

This innovative product is going to make the modern-day housewife a lot more accomplished and stress-free. The LG Styler is a great solution to give your clothes, or fabric-based products much-needed special care. Think soft toys, duvets, pillows and cherished clothing which can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. The product is aided by LG Smart ThinQ and Google Assistant to take out the guesswork of using its patented, integrated TrueSteam technology to steam garments, reduce wrinkles and remove odours. Coupled with the Moving Hanger which slides from side to side, you’re assured that the steam is evenly dispersed within the cavity.

The LG Styler offers a space-saving footprint


Using the two apps, this device can intuitively respond to voice commands when connected through the main hub, such as an AI speaker, smartphone or AI TV. At the core, there are a few technologies that make it ideal to clean your beloved fabrics. Essentially, the steam acts as a fine mist to “refresh” and remove grime on your apparel, too. So, if you’re in a rush for a swanky dinner appointment, you can link it up with Google Assistant and say, “Hey Google, how much time is left on the LG Styler?”, and it will respond with the duration left on its current cycle. The LG Styler’s sleek, mirrored fascia, linear aesthetics and space-saving footprint also make it easy to blend into many interior themes. You can also read about LG’s other high-end tech products

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