Hot Tubs: From Winter To Summer, Time To Reap the Benefits of Your Own Hot Tubs

Who says hot tubs are reserved only for the colder months?

Apr 01, 2021 | By LUXUO

Water splashing, children laughing, and birds chirping are some of the sounds of summer. Not to mention, you will also get to enjoy the beautiful sunshine in the summer. If you own a hot tub, you are more likely to have used it in the cold and snow. However, do not shut down your hot tub due to the arrival of the summer heat. It is possible to use it during the hot summer months, regardless of the heat. 

Do you want to use your hot tub in the summer? If so, continue reading to learn the benefits of using hot tubs online in the summer and how to use your hot tub in the summer. 

Enjoy a Cooler Soak

Photo by Olga Budko on Unsplash

A hot tub does not have to be hot, despite its name. You will keep your hot tub at temperatures between 99° F to 102° F (approx. 37° C to 38° C) with a maximum heat of 104°F (40° C). However, you can use your hot tub during summer by lowering the temperature. 

You can either turn off your heater completely or lower the temperature of the hot tub to around 85°F (29° C). Leave the air jets running to circulate the cool water throughout the hot tub efficiently and quickly. Leave the cover on when not using it to stop the sun from warming the water during the day. 

Heal Your Body 

The weather is beautiful during the summer, so it encourages one to be active and go outside. With such lovely weather, it gives you another reason to head outdoors, and this means the physical activity that you have done can have a bad effect on your body.

Physical activities, such as baseball, golf, cycling, soccer, hiking, and many more, can take a toll on your body. The overuse of your joints and muscles and the added pressure on can lead to exhaustion, pains, and aches. It can even lead to minor injuries sometimes. 

Do not let the pains and aches slow you down. Spend some time in your hot tub to unwind and relax your body after a day of physical exercise and activity. The massage and warmth of the jet-infused water soothe sore muscles and relieve tensions. And the buoyancy helps to relieve pressure from the body. 

Use Your Hot Tub at Night 

Photo by Jamie Fenn on Unsplash

The temperatures are lower in the evening, making it the perfect time to take a long and relaxing soak in your hot tub. Had a long day? You can enjoy your hot tub in the evening. The starry night sky and the cool breeze can transform any rejuvenating and luxurious backyard experience to a new level of enjoyment. Add an element of luxury with some nice garden furnishings and perhaps some porcelain tiles on the walled area where the tub is. 

It is also true that hot tubs can help improve sleep patterns. The massage and warmth from the water relax the body and mind, relieve tension, and increase flexibility and mobility. Therefore, using your hot tub improves how you prepare to sleep. It helps you fall asleep quickly. And it also helps you sleep for longer hours. This means you will have a good night’s rest. 

That is something that everyone will benefit from. 

Entertain Your Loved Ones 

The best time to spend quality time with your family and friends is during summer. Many people spend quality with their loved ones due to the beautiful weather. You can spend the day at the beach with your loved ones or a backyard BBQ with your loved ones. 

You can also spend some quality time in your hot tub. You can relax with your loved ones in your hot tub at the end of the day. Use that time to create valuable memories and catch up. You can plan and throw a backyard hot tub party to make it more memorable.

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