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Sunset dinner in Seminyak, Bali: Restaurant review of Kaum at Potato Head Beach Club

Kaum in Bali promises a fascinating dining experience with an alluring sunset view, the freshest ingredients the archipelago offers, and a selection of specially crafted beverages

Feb 02, 2017 | By S Naresh Nehvin

Best known for Potato Head Beach Club, the Indonesian hospitality and lifestyle group PTT Family presents a uniquely local dining concept in Bali, following a successful launch in Hong Kong. Bringing together Indonesia’s very own rich culinary heritage is Kaum, which translates “clan” or “tribe”. With the new concept, the Group aims to present mouth-watering dishes made with the freshest ingredients, to a wider global audience — and it has done just that.

Located on the second level of Potato Head Beach Club, Kaum provides a touch of Asian flavour to the popular hangout that boasts an unblocked view of the sunset. Step inside Kaum and you will be greeted with an exotic ambience that combines elements from Indonesia’s rich heritage. True to its roots, Kaum’s design philosophy reflects the deep traditions and craftsmanship of the Republic’s tribal culture. Kaum seamlessly blends indigenous craft techniques with PTT Family’s signature contemporary architectural style. In line with the family-style dining of the archipelago’s tribal communities, Kaum holds long wooden dining tables, which are constructed using locally sourced materials.


Sambals from Kaum Bali

The Balinese concept differs from that of the Hong Kong‘s restaurant, by way of its culinary focus. The Hong Kong menu highlights traditional cooking methods while the Balinese menu features first-rate produce and often overlooked ingredients. Working closely with remote tribal communities, Kaum Bali has produced a menu that integrates nationally sourced products from small-scale, socially responsible producers.


True to PTT Family’s roots in exceptionally brewed beverages, the Kaum Collection mixes Kaum Highball – an adventurous blend of Bulleit bourbon and arak with bitters and ginger beer. A sip of this packs a punch and is a treat to the tastbuds. If you prefer a Potato Head favourite, then the Kookaburra is a must try. A simple concoction of Tanqueray gin, sugars, mint and citrus interacts to create an easy-to-sip beverage that will leave you wanting more.

Even rice, the simplest item on its menu is carefully thought through and is fragrant on its own. Jatiluwih Heirloom rice from within Bali’s farming communities is harvested with technology dating back to the 11th century and is used to prepare the highly recommended Nasi Goreng Cabe Asap, wok-friend rice with chilli, prawns and other spices. Whoever says rice needs to be white or brown should sample Kaum’s Nasi Merah, which is simply steamed red rice and Nasi Kuning, yellow rice that is a result of turmeric and coconut milk. 

Sambal, a form of hot sauce popular in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, would add an aromatic and peppery dynamic to your dining experience. Kaum’s Sambal Matah unites ginger, shallot and lemongrass to produce a mild yet flavourful mix. The same thought process is mirrored to spice up the Ayam Betutu Klungkung, which is a slow roasted baby chicken that is marinated in Balinese spices and wrapped in a banana leaf, as well as the Cabe Jawa or Javanese long pepper.

Guests with carnivorous cravings can try the Kalio Daging Sapi, a braised beef dish is cooked with West Sumatran spices and coconut milk sauce to produce succulent, spicy and rich intense bits of beef that simply melt in your mouth. Served with sweet potato crisps, it brings the dish together beautifully. Crustacean lovers on the other hand, should savour the delectable curry based Gulai Udang Aceh (prawn tails). Okra brings a silky texture to the profile and the plantain adds a sweet and starchy dimension, which balances the myriad of flavours inside this dish.

Above all, we loved the Indonesian hospitality we received. Kaum’s staff members are exceptional in their eye for detail and were quick to offer personal recommendations. Beyond their duties of serving and waiting on guests, they also ensure that the ambience is perfect for guests as they enjoy their meals. From the lighting, which is adjusted accordingly to the temperature of the room, no task is too small for the friendly waitstaff.


We highly recommend making a reservation beforehand, given the popularity of the Club. The terrace and indoor place sits 120 people and provides a wonderful view of the sunset, with the intricacies of Indonesian architecture in the background.

For those unable to venture to Bali to enjoy the flavours of Indonesia’s 600 ethnic groups, you will be happy to know that Kaum may just expand into Singapore and Jakarta. While the plans are still in the works, it gives hope to those of us who have left our hearts back in Bali, longing for the fresh flavour that its culinary scene has to offer.

Kaum is available for sunset views daily between noon and midnight, while the terrace is opened from 4 pm.

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