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Human Tears Used as Cocktail Ingredient

The lads at Bompas & Parr are launching a cocktail workshop in London blending spirits, herbs, spices, and human tears.

Dec 07, 2015 | By null

When we discovered that the AFP had picked up this story about London culinary studio and events group Bompas & Parr, we couldn’t resist adapting it. Since we first toured the facilities there – as part of the Johnnie Walker “Symphony in Blue” event – we have been on the lookout for odd news from Rushworth Street. Well, this is certainly one quest that ended in tears – literally. The lads at Bompas & Parr are launching a cocktail workshop blending spirits, herbs, spices, and human tears, according to the AFP and Business Insider.

Yes, human tears are now ready for consumption, after being pasteurized of course. Well, it could be a useful reminder to go easy on the drink lest the night end in tears… The parties responsible here are Sam Bompas and Harry Parr, perhaps the most exciting duo in culinary experimentation. When we visited, the dynamic folks there were demonstrating the wondrous properties of gallium (something you definitely don’t want to consume) and this was our introduction to the unusual focus on building culinary experiences. We also walked into a whisky tornado, a spinning column of drinkable whisky vapor, at “Symphony in Blue” – a celebration of Johnnie Walker Blue Label of course. The whisky tornado was something Bompas & Parr created at their Rushworth Street studios. They wowed us again in Singapore, this time for ice-cream brand Magnum. Both experiences will stay with us a long time to come.

In this tale of teardrop mixology, you will need £25 (about US$38) to participate in the workshop – the only way to truly savor what Bompas & Parr do. Your own tears will be extracted using various methods, including massage and menthol, before being added to bottles of bitter. These can then be taken home, with an extra bottle making a very personal gift for a loved one this Christmas.

The workshop will be held December 15 at the company’s British Museum of Food in London’s Borough Market at 7pm. If you do go, ask them how exactly the gallium figured into anything…

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