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Ferran Adria Teams Up With Disney for Cookbook

The visionary chef releases a new family friendly cookbook with child-oriented recipes.

Apr 15, 2016 | By AFPRelaxnews

Ferran Adria is generally viewed as a magician of food, with his recipes steeped in scientific esoterica and obscure ingredients from all over the world. His elBulli 2005 – 2011 cookbook, the massive record of more than 700 recipes from the restaurant, stands in its expensive and monolithic seven-volume glory, and probably exudes a kind of religious aura to other chefs striving for his kind of creativity. So, it’s only a logical follow-up that the magician of food should collaborate with the company in charge of the most magical place on Earth – Disney.

The project is entitled “Te cuento en la cocina” (“I tell you in the kitchen”) and will involve a cookbook, an app, and video segments, teaching Disney-inspired recipes to children and their parents. Some of these cooking lessons include how to make the perfect scrambled eggs (hint: use cream at the beginning), how to make broccoli more appetizing to kids, and even how to make a Jungle Book-inspired mocktail (non-alcoholic, just to confirm). Other recipes include chickpeas and spinach, as well as eggplant padawan (the cookbook has Marvel and Star Wars related recipes as well).

Overall, Adrià has 60 new healthy, kid-friendly recipes in Spanish, but this also isn’t exactly the first time he’s penned a family-friendly cookbook. In 2011, Adrià released The Family Meal: Home Cooking with Ferran Adrià featuring 100 recipes inspired by staff meals at elBulli. Although the restaurant was closed in 2011, Adria had plans to turn it into a center for furthering the knowledge of cooking and cuisine. Perhaps this collaboration will help further his pedagogical vision by imparting the joys of cooking and experimenting with food to a younger generation, creating the foundation for the next set of chefs to come into the picture. In the meantime, we’ll all be watching what happens with that ‘Nobel’ prize of gastronomy that he and other celebrity chefs have been pushing…

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