Chef Ferran Adria begins building elBulli 1846 in Catalonia, Spain

In 2018, the renowned Spanish chef will begin his culinary adventure with his new think tank

Aug 02, 2017 | By Vimi Haridasan

Sometimes dreams do come true. In the case of Ferran Adria, the dream happens to be his much talked about world-class culinary think tank known as elBulli 1846 in Cala Montjoi, Spain. Named after the 1846 recipes that Adria had developed during his tenure at elBulli, this is a bold venture. The Spanish chef has received approval from the local planning committee to begin work on his ambitious development plans.

After months of delays due to opposition from locals and environmentalists concerned with building on the sensitive Cap de Creus Natural Park in Catalonia. Their most pressing concern with the upcoming development was in fact with the crowds that Adria’s star power would attract. Due to the lack of support from the locals, Adria scaled down his plans and has enlisted the help of students and instructors from the Barcelona School of Design and Engineering. Together, they will design new outdoor spaces that not only conserve the environment but also co-exist with nature.

With the second phase kicking off in October, elBulli 1846 will have a team of 20 people who will spend six months each year on experimental projects that aim to push the boundaries in the culinary world. Made up of chefs and experts from various fields such as arts, psychology, communications, science and design, we can look forward to some interesting creations.

While most of the site will house areas dedicated to research and development, a part of the site will also play host to special exhibits that will be open to the public. The finer details of the venture have yet to be released, we will be looking forward to the opening of elBulli 1846 in 2018.

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