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Cannabis Chef Take Fine Dining To New High

At The Herbal Chef, customers can indulge in haute cuisine injected with tiny amounts of cannabis.

Aug 02, 2016 | By Luxuo

Haute cuisine has just hit a new high – quite literally – thanks to a cannabis chef. Armed with cooking skills acquired at Michelin-star restaurants, and now syringes of cannabis compound, Christopher Sayegh of The Herbal Chef has been injecting tiny amounts of the drug into the food he serves. Described as an immersive cerebral experience not unlike a symphony, Sayegh says that his mission is to redefine haute cuisine.

“This is not about throwing butter in a pan to get everyone super high,” says Rayegh. “You have to be extremely careful because not only does heat play a very important role when cooking with cannabis, but you’re also taking people on a trip, literally, and you have a responsibility to make sure it’s done right.”

Fret not, Sayegh’s culinary forays are not illegal. Based in Los Angeles (and therefore the land of recreational marijuana use sometimes called La La Land), The Herbal Chef currently only offers its services to medical marijuana card holders. Things might change in November, however, when Californians will be able to vote for the legalization of recreational marijuana. In any event, the existence of The Herbal Chef – as well as many others seeking to capitalize on the vote – means one thing: the stigma surrounding weed is gradually evaporating.

Should you desire Wagyu Japanese beef with a shot of cannabis, or pomegranate sorbet laced with weed, The Herbal Chef is priced at $300 to $500 per head.

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