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Best food blogs of 2014

Readers and editors at Saveur magazine have voted for their favorite food blogs of 2014, giving top honors to “Love & Lemons.”

Apr 19, 2014 | By Luxuo

Love and lemons

Readers and editors at Saveur magazine have voted for their favourite food blogs of 2014, giving top honours to “Love & Lemons.”

For the fifth edition of the food magazine’s Best Food Blog Awards, winners are divided into readers’ choice and editors’ choice categories.

Austin, Texas blogger Jeanine Donofrio of Love & Lemons took the award for best cooking blog among readers, for sharing vegetarian recipes like spring onion frittata, hazelnut tahini pasta and spicy black bean soup. Besides, if you are looking for some guidance in making healthy recipes, click here.

While she’s not entirely vegetarian, Donofrio espouses food writer Michael Pollan’s philosophy of “Eat food, mostly plants, not too much,” she says on her website.

Editors at Saveur, however, were more smitten by i am a food blog written by Stephanie Le, who divides her time between Vancouver and Japan. Recipes are inspired by favourite dishes at restaurants or leftovers.

Currently, recipes include lemongrass pork meatballs and quinoa, steak and egg sandwich and miso coconut chicken.

Le’s blog was also featured as a blogger spotlight over at Food & Wine magazine.

Here are the winners of Saveur’s blog awards:

Best Cooking Blog
Readers’ Choice: Love & Lemons
Editors’ Choice: i am a food blog

Best Baking and Desserts Blog
Readers’ Choice: The Vanilla Bean Blog
Editors’ Choice: Top with Cinnamon

Best Cocktail Blog
Readers’ Choice: Bity by a Fox
Editors’ Choice: Death to Sour Mix

Best Wine or Beer Blog
Readers’ Choice: The Thirsty Wench
Editors’ Choice: Brunellos Have More Fun

Best Regional Cuisine Blog
Readers’ Choice: Rose Water & Orange Blossoms
Editors’ Choice: Indian Simmer

Best Culinary Travel Blog
Readers’ Choice: FEAST: An Edible Road Trip
Editors’ Choice: Eating Asia

Best Family Cooking Blog
Readers’ Choice: Dinner: A Love Story
Editors’ Choice: In Praise of Leftovers

Best Photography
Readers’ Choice: Local Milk
Editors’ Choice: Local Milk

Best Writing
Readers’ Choice: 5 Second Rule
Editors’ Choice: Pen and Palate

Best Original Recipes
Readers’ Choice: My Darling Lemon Thyme
Editors’ Choice: Oh, Ladycakes

Best New Blog
Readers’ Choice: Broad Appetite
Editors’ Choice: Hortus Cuisine

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