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Montblanc e-Tag: The New Stylish Anti-Theft Key Fob

The new Montblanc e-Tag is made to track and locate your tagged belongings via smartphone to prevent loss and theft.

Dec 15, 2015 | By null

For most globetrotters, one of their biggest worries is losing their bags during travels. Montblanc is here to solve that problem with its new e-Tag, a key fob that allows users to track their belongings via smartphone.

Combining functionality with timeless design and advanced technology, Montblanc’s newly launched key fob is managed through Montblanc’s iPhone application, where it locates and tracks your tagged belongings and will trigger off an alarm when the tagged item is moved out of the proximity of the owner.

Adding that with a navigation system that directs the owner to the e-Tag, recovering your lost belongings can never be easier.

Aside from the advanced technology, Montblanc’s e-Tag also features a timeless design, crafted from European full grain cowhide, that incorporates itself seamlessly with other Montblanc leather goods.

Currently priced at USD 200,  the trackable key fob is available in classic Meisterstück black with a unique deep shine, soft grain black or soft grain blue leather.


For more information and to purchase the e-Tag, please visit

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