Moet Hennessy’s Alexa Responds on Voice Command

Concoct a drink for your esteemed guests and friends via Moët Hennessy’s Alexa and learn all the new skills needed, just in time for Christmas

Dec 10, 2017 | By Andrea Sim

Put the latest Amazon Alexa for Moët Hennessy to a skill test and the result isn’t something you might expect. The device reacts on voice-command and responds to questions relating to Moët Hennessy that helps you not only to learn new ways of enjoying the champagne but also turns you into a champagne connoisseur, just in time for Christmas.

Inspired by Alexa voice-controlled speakers for Amazon, Moët Hennessy USA, the leading luxury champagne house, announced the expansion of its digital offerings with Bottles and Bubbles via Amazon’s Alexa to recommend the types of champagne for food pairing, offer tips to concoct some memorable drinks with the brand’s champagne, teach how to pronounce champagne names, and for instance, about the best way to drink Moët Hennessy as well as other tips and educational lessons.

Vanessa Kay, Chief Marketing Officer, elaborates on the usefulness of the voice-controlled Robot, Alexa “As Moët Hennessy USA continues to bring new and innovative experiences to consumers, we are excited to announce the Bottles and Bubbles skill on Amazon’s Alexa.” The device leverages on voice technology to provide Moët Hennessy with “incredible opportunities to not only grow our business, but engage with our consumers in exciting ways while still delivering on our commitment to building luxury brands,” added Kay.

Moet & Chandon | Image courtesy of Robyn Beck / AFP PHOTO

Whether you are at home entertaining or having a fun-filled gathering, talk to Moët Hennessy’s Alexa and be empowered with a champagne education and create the ideal bubbly experience for your guests.

Engage with Moët Hennessy’s Bottles and Bubbles skill for Amazon Alexa through registration on Amazon’s website or Alexa’s app to access the six areas of conversational and educational content, covering also Champagne 101. This service is currently only available in the United States.

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