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Jabra Sport Pace: Wireless Practicality

Not only is it cordless, it is also sweat, water and shock-resistant, and has an accompanying sports app. So very high-tech.

Jul 16, 2016 | By Luxuo

Frantically unknotting tangled earpiece wires, or having your (admittedly embarrassing) music blast on public transport when your earpieces accidentally disconnect from your phone? Ain’t nobody got time for that. Jabra knows your pains – and more – and has conceived the antidote to your headset woes: the Jabra Sport Pace.

As its name suggests, these headphones are primarily designed for training and workouts; the accompanying Jabra Sport Life application offers training tips as well as tools for planning, monitoring and evaluating sessions. Obviously, they have to be capable of more for us to consider it newsworthy – and it is. With its ability to resist sweat and moisture, feel free to take them on long hikes or long romantic walks down the beach. The best part: it is wireless. This means no more annoying cords or embarrassing mishaps!

The Jabra Sport Pace will also go the distance for you. It is built to resist extreme weather conditions, and is actually compliant with American military standards for sweat, weather and shock-resistance. In low light conditions, its reflective cord also renders wearers more visible. More good news: it charges in just 15 minutes. One could probably survive a zombie apocalypse with the Jabra Sport Pace, although frankly we don’t really want to put it through that test.

For interested parties, the Jabra Sport Pace can be purchased here.

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